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7 Important Points To Remember When Hiring An Escort

If you are like most guys, after you decide to hire a female escort for the first time, you will not just pick up your phone and call. No, you’ll probably read a ton of information on the internet and possibly talk to some friends who’ve hired girls in the past. With all the information out there, you could easily get overwhelmed. 

If you have read the post, How To Hire An Escort , you already have a step by step guide to guide you through your first time.   

But there is a lot of additional information out there, so at least try to remember the following 7 important points: 

1. Escort Accuracy.

What proof do you have that the escort you want to hire is legitimate? Are you sure she’s not a cop, going to rob you, or she’s 10x uglier than her pictures?  The best way to prevent this is to use a reputable review site. Also, look to hire an escort with at least 5 recent reviews.


2. Review Site Reputation.

Does the review site have a good reputation? If the review site is brand new, if there are only a few girls on the site, or if there are only a few reviews, how can you trust it? The information about the girls is only as trustworthy as the review site itself, so go with good review sites.

But remember, almost any review site is better than rolling the dice with (Why Take A Chance With

3. What Not To Say.

When you call the escort, does she mention sex? Does the escort mention she charges $100 for a blowjob? If so, she’s most likely a cop, or is too new to escorting to be worth your time.  A good escort, or escort agency, should hang up on you if you mention sex. You’re paying for time, not sex.  Don’t ever mention sex, or anything sexually related.


4. You.

Are you looking good? You must be presentable to have the best experience you can. Remember YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary. This was discussed in (Help, My Escort Won’t Leave). Just because the escort is getting paid, doesn’t mean she is going to provide the same service to the homeless guy who hasn’t showered for a month, as she would a male model. 


5. Travel

Does the escort offer “Outcall”? Or does the escort only offer “Incall.” If it is your first time hiring an escort, “Outcall” is better because you will be less nervous. For more reasons see (Where To Meet Your Escort)

 “Outcall” is when the escort comes to you, for example, your hotel room. “Incall” you go to her place. 

6. Services

Do you feel that the escort wants to provide you with an experience that is as close as possible to a girlfriend experience or a hot one-night stand? Or do you get the feeling that she just lays there like a robot for the hour? You can figure this out on any good review site.  majestic-girls-compilation-by-the-erotic-review3

7. Price.

Are you paying at least $200 per hour? Is the escort you’re looking to hire charging the normal $200 to $1000 per hour for her time? As I said in How To Hire An Escort , at least for your first time, you should pay $300 to $500 an hour. You want to be sure that you get a quality girl, and when it comes to hiring escorts, you get what you pay for. Don’t take a chance on a super hot girl offering $40 for an hour – there’s probably a problem. 

If you remember these 7 points, you will definitely have a great experience with your first escort.

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  1. I am a Tantra Goddess and I enjoyed all the info. I am into educated clients and providers both on my website

  2. Hey!!! Just stumble across your website today! Love every article you posted. I share a similarly same life style as you. Young successful guy but not as season as you. Hopefully we could chat in private

  3. If the donation is 350/hr do I need to tip her?

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