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A Solo Trip To Las Vegas – Traveling Alone

Most bachelors have seen all their friends get married and no longer travel to Sin City for fun.  No fear, you can easily continue to visit as much as you want.  Here’s the game plan to traveling alone to Las Vegas (many of the ideas that follow will be expanded on future posts)

1. How to Fly

Traveling solo shouldn’t be a big deal.  Thousands of business travelers travel alone every day.


Tip:  Dress business casual.  You want people to think you’re traveling for business or a conference, and you’re fun too.

2. When you Arrive (or anytime during the day)

The Sin, in Sin City really starts at night, so there’s not much to do during the day for the solo visitor.  The most popular solo activity is probably going to one of the malls.



Tip: The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, and Fashion Show Mall are great places to hang out.


However! if you wanna have a little fun during the day, do a little gambling – but gamble at the pool.  Some of the hotels have gambling tables out in the pool areas are literally in the pool!




3.  When it gets Dark

This is when the fun starts.  At night, all things are even in Vegas, and the solo visitor can have as much fun, if not more, than as a group.  For most who travel to Vegas, the baseline for any night in Vegas is gambling.  It can be low stakes or whatever you want.  The point is to have something to do for a few hours until the girls start heading to the bars and clubs.

Game Tips: (much more in future posts)

Craps:  although it looks complicated, Craps is one of the easiest game in the casino.  The pass line bet and odds is the best odds in the casino.  And, you don’t have to pay attention, just place your bets and wait.  This is great for being social and talking to girls who walk by.


Blackjack: Blackjack is the best game in the casino if you take the time to learn it properly.  If you count cards you will have an advantage over the casino.

Roulette: Roulette is a terrible game, and you will lose money playing, however, because it is so easy, this is the best place to find girls.


Poker: similar to blackjack, if you’re a poker player, you can go into the poker room for a few hours and make some decent money.  Unfortunately, poker takes you off the casino floor where all the women are.

4. Around 11:00 pm:

About 11:00 to 12:00 is when the fun starts in Vegas.  Women will be all over any casino floor.  At any of the casinos with a great nightclub, for example, Cosmopolitan, or Wynn, many hot women will be going to the clubs. However, many women just hang around the casino floors and drink and gamble.




Tip: Picking up girls on the casino floor is pretty easy. In Vegas, you will pick up women… it’s just a matter of time and your preferences.


5.  After Midnight

After midnight, the major change in a Vegas casino is most groups of girls are in, or going into the clubs.  Whether you’re solo or not, you have to decide if clubs are for you. It really doesn’t matter how old you are if you feel comfortable, however, the game plan is a little different solo.



Tip: The Key to going to a Vegas club is to go late. If you’re solo, you aren’t gonna stand in line for 30 minutes at a club. Also, clubs are relatively boring until girls get drunk. Vegas clubs close at 4:00 am, and they start thinning out at 3:30. 

So… you are going to go at 1:30 or 2:00 am (depending on if there is still a line). You wanna walk right in, pay cover if necessary, and head in.


Now you’re in the club.  Find a bar, and get a drink.  I know people who like to get a drink and stay at the bar.  However, I don’t suggest this.  The moto for a solo person is to “keep it moving” – that means just keep walking around and don’t get stale.  There are so many drunk women, it is simple to talk to someone, dance with them, or buy them a drink. At this time of night the girls are drunk and if they like you, they will simply grab you.  In fact, its very easy to bump into a girl and just start making out with her.


As you can see, you can be in the club for 10 minutes and meet someone, or stay until it closes and listen to music, etc.  If you’re self-conscious about being in there solo, don’t be, nobody will notice.

6. If you don’t go to a club

You don’t have to go to a club to have fun.  You can continue to gamble, or you can drink at one of the casino bars.  There will always be women on the casino floor looking to hook up.  Often, these are girls who don’t feel comfortable in clubs, or aren’t interested.


Tip: you probably have heard you can hire a girl for an hour for a couple hundred dollars.  If you don’t meet someone the old fashion way, this is an option.

7.  Wrapping Up

As you can see, after dark, and especially after midnight, the solo person in Vegas is doing the exact same thing as any group of guys – picking up girls. Obviously, there are many other things to do, but most guys go to Vegas for girls.  Hell, if it’s only about gambling, you can stay home, just about every state has legalized gambling.

So just because all your guy friends don’t go to Vegas anymore, that doesn’t mean you can’t go.

Yes… the bachelor life….

P.S. If you need help talking to girls, check out this article: Afraid To Talk To Women? Problem Solved!


4 Comments on A Solo Trip To Las Vegas – Traveling Alone

  1. I always figured roulette had the best odds if you bet on colours or evens/odds. Isn’t it like 48% win chance? I realize the return is only double but that’s not too shabby..

    • The Bachelor // May 11, 2015 at 10:08 pm // Reply

      No, the 0 and 00 make roulette the worst game in the casino. Craps taking full odds is the fairest game in any casino

  2. Really informative post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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