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Dating Tips For The Recently Divorced

So you’ve been married for 15 years, now you’re divorced.  What are you supposed to do now?  You know you need to get back into the dating scene, but you’re worried because you’ve been out of it for so long.  I’m here to help. While you’ve been married, raising kid, etc, I’ve been in the “dating scene” for over 20 years.  In 2014, here’s a few things you must know:


Text Only!  So back in 1999 you probably met a girl, and got her number – (very possible you got a pen from the bartender and wrote her number down on a napkin). Two days later, which was the rule back then, you called her.  Well a couple things have changed. First, never, never, never, call a girl on the phone after you meet her.  You must send a text message.  There will be some girls, (older) who want to talk on the phone, but the majority will only communicate by text. It’s better to go with the odds and text only.  Also, it seems like girls in their 20s are more flighty these days.  So, waiting 2 day to send your first text is not really necessary anymore –  in fact, she probably has forgotten about you in 2 days. (While I’m thinking about it, assume every girl you meet is talking to 5 other guys at the moment)

Also, and I assume you know this, don’t ever, I mean ever, email a girl you just met.  For a while back in the early 2000s, you could email a chick and get her to email you pictures etc, but not anymore.


You Will be Googled.  I assume the last time you were in the dating scene Google was the dominant search engine. But, if you remember using Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, or Alta Vista, things have really changed.  Even if you aren’t dating a cop, lawyer, or private investigator, at some point shortly after you meet a girl,  YOU WILL BE GOOGLED. I’m not sure what, if anything you can do about it, but just know that many girls will google your name.  I don’t mean to overstate this and I’m probably talking about girls in their 30s and above, its possible the 20 year olds could care less if you’re a convicted felon.


Online Dating. Even if you’ve been married for the last 15 years, you surely know online dating is acceptable.  Not suggesting the last time you were in the single scene the only way to artificially meet a girl was in the classified section of the local newspaper – “Single White Female,” but I am saying it is interesting how mainstream online dating is now.  The fuck up thing about the mainstream nature of online dating these days, is now the girls you can meet are just as flaky as the girls you meet in a bar.


good luck out there!

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