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Everything In Moderation!

Bachelorlifeinc is, and will always be, a place for single adult men to come to for information and tips on the good life of not being married.  Whether you’re a lifelong bachelor, or recently divorced, this is where you come to see that you don’t have to be married to be happy.  One key to having a kick ass single life is to make your interests/hobbies last. 

TIP: Make your favorite activities a LIFESTYLE, not obsessions.

I recently met up with a friend who got divorced after 18 years of marriage.  What the fuck, I can’t imagine what he must feel like, now he’s 42 and single with 2 kids.  The worst part is his failed marriage took 18 of his best years.  Instead of using 500 words explaining why his 20s and 30s were his best years, the guy over at and his post on 37 Thoughts on (Not) Wasting Your 20s is pretty good.

So with his new life, my friend told me he wants to hit the gym hard and get in shape.  He said he’s going to wake up at 5 am and go the gym for 3 hours, 4 or 5 days a week.

Immediately, I said NO, NO, NO!

This is the worst plan ever! Unless he is Floyd Money Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao, or a body builder, he shouldn’t be in the gym that much. Yes, all guys should go to the gym but…

TIP: go to the gym in moderation!

One of the most important goals of the single adult male is to be in shape.  The only way to stay in shape is to make working out a part of your LIFESTYLE.  You should be going to the gym the rest of you life, so 1 hour or so every other day is fine.


Ignore these ridiculous motivational statements, every gym nut I’ve ever met, has eventually quit and became fat. They’re obsessed for a few months or even years, look great for one or two summers, then quit.

All activities that you want to last, must be part of your LIFESTYLE


Another example is gambling.

When my married friends come to Las Vegas they gamble a ton of money.  They do so because their wives only allow them to come to Las Vegas once or twice a year. But suppose you’re a bachelor and you go to Vegas 25 to 30 times a year?

TIP: If you gamble in Las Vegas every other weekend, you must gamble in moderation.  Gambling in Las Vegas must be your LIFESTYLE, not 30 weekends of binge gambling like the casinos are about to close up forever.


Finally, and probably the funniest thing to watch, is how my recently divorced friends deal with women.

Obviously, the best part of not being married is that you can date, befriend, or have sex with any girl you want.  And, guys who have been married are so excited to play the field, they wanna go out every night and try to talk to every girl, all day long. While this may help you learn the dating world, talking to girls is just like going to the gym – if it’s not part of your lifestyle, you’ll eventually quit. Then, you’ll be staying home alone on Friday and Saturday nights watching Netflix or playing video games. 

TIP: Talk to girls as part of your overall LIFESTYLE.  If the opportunity arises, talk, if not don’t, don’t worry about it – but you don’t have to talk to 5 girls a day.

(This burnout is why most of my divorced friends got remarried in a year or two)

The point is that you want the things you like to last, so do them in moderation.

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