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For a bachelor, there are no better 3 words in the English language than friends with benefits.  I hope I don’t have to explain this, but if so, this is simply a girl friend who you can have sex with, and she doesn’t expect a relationship.

Yes, I know, this goes against chicks wiring – most want a relationship, marriage, and kids. But, some chick are ready to have sex, and not be bothered with a relationship.


TIP: generally speaking…

girls from 18 – 25 years old = very likely to do friends with benefits. Because their friends, and society, hasn’t pressured them to get married yet.

girls from 25 – 35 years old = unlikely to do friends with benefits. Because their friends are getting married, and their biological clocks are ticking.  Interestingly however, this is when women are in their sexual prime.

girls from 35 + years old = very likely to do friends with benefits. Because they’ve likely already had kids, marriage, etc. Also, they are secure in themselves.


So how do you get a friends with benefits arrangement? Its not easy, you have to make a girl wanna have sex with you, but also make her understand you have other shit going on.  Eg. tell her your seeing someone else, you are busy with work, still talking to your ex, etc.  All this will make her realize that its just sex, and she can choose to do it or not. Granted, some girls will not go for this arrangement, but many will.

If you want to have sex with a girl once, promise a relationship, bang her, and never call her again.

If you want a friend who you can sleep with for years off and on, explain early on where her place is in your life.

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