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HIT THE GYM – Gym Girls


Because Bachelor life revolves around dating and having sex with hot women, you’re gonna have to be in decent shape.  I’m not saying bodybuilder bullshit, just good shape.

Yes, girls will like you the bigger you are, but only to a point.  Chicks like guys with good size biceps, chest, stomach, and back, but only a few like the huge bodybuilders.


TIP: If a chick is into you…. your non-washboard stomach will not stop a girl from having sex with you.  The motto is “by the time she has your shirt off, its too late.”

Despite this, a gym membership is a must for a bachelor. Because you don’t have your time occupied by a wife and kids, you must have activities.  Please do not sit at home playing video games.

Also, there’s an added benefit (in addition to simply being healthy) the gym is a great place to meet girls, or as we call them gym girls.


Feel free to use whatever workout plan you know, or get one and start now.  Future posts on how to pickup gym girls are coming soon

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