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How To Get More Dates After Covid-19

How To Get More Dates After Covid-19

Las Vegas is now open. However, you will not find many single girls in Vegas. Also, the clubs and bars are still closed.

If you normally meet girls at night, you’re out of luck.

Also, if you like meeting girls in the day at coffee shops or the mall, you’re also out of luck. Yes, you can try to approach a girl wearing a face mask in public, but that will not work.

So online dating is now the most viable option.*

*If you only want to spend “time” with a girl, you can hire an escort as mentioned inHow To Hire an Escort After Covid-19

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Online Dating During Covid-19

Online dating has seen a massive surge in 2020. But what hasn’t changed is that all the mainstream online dating sites are still terrible.

Terrible in the sense that the numbers are so lopsided on mainstream dating sites. For example, on Tinder, a basic “5” will get 100 matches a day. A good looking guy can expect only a handful of matches a day. 

As a guy, good looking or not, you still have an uphill battle on most dating apps.

Recently, we talked about why Tinder sucks inJoin Seeking Arrangements and Delete Tinder

For example, girls never look as good in person as they do in their Tinder profile.


Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangements (now called is an online dating site. It matches guys who want to pay girls an allowance, with young girls who want to meet them.

While some say this is prostitution, it is not. It is, however, a happy medium between hiring an escort or trying your luck on Tinder.

The bottom line is that girls on average, are 10x better on than Tinder.

It is definitely worth it. In reality, you’re only doing explicitly what you already do implicitly.  

The number one advantage to is if you’re over 35 and you want to date girls under 22, sugar dating is a great way to do it.

And now, with everyone coming out of lockdown and quarantine, young girls are more excited than ever to come see you.


Tips for Joining Seeking Arrangements

If you want to know the step by step way to join Seeking Arrangements this article will help you – At Last! A Dating Site That Works!

But for general tips, keep these things in mind.

The Good 

Look for girls who just recently joined

Look for good eyebrows and nails.

In her description, look for things like she wants to be mentored or mentorship, etc. Anything showing that she is willing to learn is good.

While all girls say they love traveling, pay attention to the details. If she’s studied in Spain or spent lots of time on the road, that means she likes sex.


The Bad

Stay away from girls who have paid for a premium membership. is free for girls. Hot young girls don’t have to pay for matches. If a girl is paying, she’s likely older or not that attractive.

Never message a girl with “Curvy” in her profile. That means she’s overweight. Unless of course, that’s your type.

If she’s been on Seeking Arrangements for a long time. For example, it’s not a good sign if she joined 8 months ago. 

Be careful with girls who say they like “fine dining” or “luxury lifestyle.” Usually, these girls are not nearly as good as they think they are. 

Speaking of ego, stay away from statements such as “hot,” “hot mama” etc. These are bad signs. 

Girls love to write about themselves. So if she doesn’t have a lot in her description, be wary. 



Even with the bad things, is still your best option if you want to meet girls during this crazy time. 

Here are some old articles that will still help you. 

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7 Reasons Seeking Arrangements is Better Than Escorts

How Experience with Escorts Will Help You With Seeking Arrangements 

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Have Fun!

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