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How To Go To A Bar Alone?

Have you ever gone to a bar alone? Have you ever wondered why some guys are sitting around the bar alone?  You think they are depressed alcoholics? Not likely.

3rd 5  You may already know this, but many of the guys sitting at a bar alone have money on the game on TV.  Sports betting generates as much as 1 Trillion dollars annually worldwide.  In fact, this is the only reason sports bars have random baseball games on tv in the middle of the summer.

However, the point of this post is not to promote sports gambling, but to promote single guys going to a bar alone to pick up girls. 

best-sports-bars-key-west Whether you’ve been single your whole life, or you’re recently divorced, you realize most of your friends are married. If you’re over 30, you don’t have the same amount of single friends to go out with.  So sometimes you gotta go out alone, but it can feel uncomfortable.  The solution is to have something else to do.  You can order food, order drinks, do things on your phone, or chat with a bartender you know.

All these things are fine, but there really is nothing better than having a bit of money on the game to grab your attention.  I promise, betting your hard earned money on the sports game on tv in the bar will make you forget you’re at the bar alone.  This will focus your mind even better than if your favorite team is playing. 

The point is, if you have something else that you’re focused on besides picking up girls, you will feel right at home. Then, when you see a girl you like, simply go talk to her.  Even if the girl you’re talking to is not into sports, she will be interested if you tell her you have money on the game.

Tip: lots of chicks are out when college games are on.





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