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How To Hook Up With Girls Overseas

The summer travel season is here, and you’re tired of unattractive American girls.

So you decide to travel the world to meet better-looking girls.

Now imagine landing in Prague, Czech Republic and the hottest girl you’ve ever seen in your life is there to pick you up.

She takes you to your hotel. A few hours later, or the next day, she comes back to your hotel to take you around to see the incredible sights of Prague. 

If you’ve never been there, you won’t know where to go, what to do, etc.

After exploring the city, you have dinner with her and have sex later.

Does this sound difficult?

It’s not. In 2019, this is easier than ever before.


How To Meet Foreign Girls Overseas

There are two ways to virtually guarantee yourself sex if you travel overseas alone.

You can either do what’s called “pipelining” or hire escorts. 



Pipelining is the term used for meeting girls on the internet in a foreign country before you arrive in that country.

Seeking Arrangements, Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms have made it easy to meet girls all over the world.

While all of these platforms could expose you to foreign girls, the best site is 

Just like here in the U.S., will give you the best selection of girls because you will meet hot young girls who will message you and meet you.


Advantages of Seeking Arrangements when traveling

Tinder Sucks

You can do pipelining on premium Tinder called TinderPlus, but just as was stated in At Last! A Dating Site That Works, Tinder sucks. is better than Tinder because you have control over the terms of your relationship.

For example, you and your international sugar baby may agree for you to pay her $50 per day to show you around the city and other fun.  

But sugar dating and is a transaction, after sex, she can leave, and you can head out to local bars and clubs alone. 

On Tinder, or any other dating site, you probably can’t do this. The Russian girl you met on your trip to Nizhny Novgorod may never leave your side. 


More Girls On Seeking Arrangements than on the Streets

Another advantage of is that there are more girls on the site than on the streets.

You can go out to a mall after landing in Seville Spain and try to cold approach beautiful Spanish girls. 

(If you need help approaching girls, use Phenibut as mentioned here: How To Approach Girls During the Day)

Or you can try your luck in the bars and clubs. 

However, on Seeking Arrangements you will have more selection than the number of girls you will find in a club in Minsk, Belarus.

Also, you can sign up for SeekingArrangements and talk to girls from the comfort of your own home before ever boarding your plane.

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Girls on Seeking Arrangments are cheaper than escorts.

The girls you meet when pipelining are not escorts.

The girls you meet when pipelining are cheaper than hiring escorts.

With the caveat that escorts are amazingly cheap overseas, they’re still more expensive than a girl you’ll meet on

In fact, some foreign girls you meet on may not want any money at all. For example, you may meet a girl from a small village in Poland who really wants to practice her English.

Beautiful Polish Girl

Polish girls in Krakow are hot.


If you feel weird about paying for girls (you shouldn’t) seeking arrangements is less explicit.


How To Hire an Escort Overseas

If you don’t want to meet up with regular girls on, you can easily hire escorts in the country you’re visiting.

As stated in How to Hire a Ukrainian Escort you can hire drop dead Eastern European escorts for under $100.

As laid out step by step in our Pamphlet How To Hire an Escort in Kiev, Ukraine in most major cities in the world, you simply need to hang out in a hotel lounge, and there will be escorts.

The girls will come up to you, you go up to your room, and that’s it.

By the way, there are many international escort sites online, but meeting girls in hotel bars and lounges is better because you see what you are getting. Seeing a picture on the internet is always a coin flip. 


How To Meet Foreign Girls on Seeking Arrangements 

As said in At Last! A Dating Site That Works signing up for Seeking Arrangements is very easy. Once you match with a girl, tell her you’ve never been to her city before.

Tell her you’re looking for someone to pick you up from the airport, show you around, and take you out to the local nightlife.

You and her can then figure out the details.  

And that’s it; it’s that simple.

Tip: After a few messages, get her number and communicate with her on

Use WhatsApp because it’s free. Girls in foreign countries may still pay for data if they use regular text.

In summary, if your friend bailed on you at the last moment for that trip to Ukraine, you can still go alone and have a great time. 


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