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How to Make Money Gambling

Last weekend a friend and his wife asked me to meet them in Vegas to celebrate his birthday.  Since I’m not married, and no kids, I was able to go to Las Vegas with 6 hours notice.  When I got there, until we went to the clubs, I had to find something to do while my friends did the married couple activities such as the spa, concerts, and shows.

So how did I occupy my time? I did what I always do, and what everyone should do:



You probably think nobody can win money in Vegas.  For the most part that’s true, the big casinos were not built by people winning.  But, you can win in gambling if you play blackjack and count cards. I started counting cards in 2006 after reading “Bringing Down the House” by Ben Mezrich.

Although I don’t always win gambling, I surely win more times than I lose. I can tell you this, if you learn how to count cards, you will do the same.  Why does it work? I don’t know, let’s ask Ben Affleck who was just told he could no longer play blackjack at the Hard Rock casino this past May. Why? Because he was counting cards, and the casino knew he would win.

Seriously, it works because Blackjack has a memory.  Essentially what cards you see played will not be played again (in a shoe game) until the next shuffle.  The only thing a card counter does is he is keeping track of the cards that have been played.  High cards like 10s, face cards, and Aces help the player, and low cards help the casino.  So, if you know when a bunch of high cards are left to be played, your chances of winning are increased, so you increase your bet.  It’s actually very simple.

There are lots of article on the internet about counting cards in Blackjack.  It’s not an easy skill to learn, but it’s not that hard either.  It just takes lots of practice.

Good luck!



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