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It’s Not Personal, Well It is, But You Know What I Mean

Although not technically Bachelors, for all you guys who are recently divorced, your life is similar to a bachelor life.  So, I wanna remind you of one of the strangest things on earth.

The speed in which women change their minds is amazing!

If you’ve been married for 10 or 15 years, you’ve probably received a lot of attention from your ex-wife – some good, some bad. Well, now that you’re single, you’re not gonna get the same level of attention. This must be understood to be happy if you’re gonna be single.

For example, you meet a girl at a bar and she’s completely into you.  She’s making out with you, kissing your neck, grabbing and rubbing your dick.  Obviously, the thing to do now is to take her home and have sex with her.  However, sometimes you can’t for whatever reason, logistics, other friends, whatever.  It’s this situation that’s so interesting.

images1 So you hang out with her all night, and you exchange numbers.  The next day, you text her, and she doesn’t respond.  In fact, she never responds! What the fuck! After all the stuff she was doing to you the night before, now she’s gonna ignore you?

The simple answer is YES!

I wish I had a good explanation for her change, but I don’t.  Maybe she felt guilty, has a boyfriend, was super drunk, who knows.  The only thing I know is that women can, and will, change their mind in rapid speed.  You must wrap your mind around this reality, and move on.  Remember, it’s not personal!

But also remember, if a girl is kissing you in a bar and grabbing your dick, back the car up immediately and get out there.  Time is not on your side!

Strike while the iron is hot!


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