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Never Leave a Hot Gambling Table – Betting Tip


As I always say, one of the top bachelor hobbies is gambling.  In order to give yourself the best chance of winning, there are some tips to keep in mind.  However, the interesting thing about gambling tips, theories, and rules, is they often contradict one another.  For example:




For example, when playing blackjack –  The first quote means that when the cards are working for you – ie. you’re getting 5s when you hit 16, all double downs are 10s, etc, don’t leave the table.  The reasoning is that “variance” (ie. the streaks), happens all the time.  When you have good luck you have to milk it, or lean into your luck. This works for blackjack or any other game in the casino.  But really, you should only play blackjack or craps. 

The second quote is something that’s written in just about every gambling book I’ve ever read.  It means the key to successful gambling is to walk into a casino with a set goal in mind, and when you make that goal, leave the casino.  The thinking here is that, hey, the casinos weren’t built on people winning, so your gonna lose your money over the long run, so get out while you’re ahead.

TIP:  How about a middle ground?  “Test Betting”    

Test betting is when you walk into a casino with a set goal in mind, you achieve that goal, but you don’t immediately quit.  Instead, you continue to play until you lose 3 in a row.  If your luck continues, and you don’t lose 3 in a row it’s extra money for you.  If it doesn’t, you still keep 95% of what your goal was.  Keeping 95% is better than almost everyone else in the casino who have a great run of luck, but then end up giving it all back.


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