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No Sex with your Hot Bartender!

Sounds idiotic, but when you’re a bachelor in your 40s, you’re not trying to have sex with every hot girl you meet.  The reason is you need friends more than you need sex.  You need friends to do all the things in life your married friends do with their wives.  I talk about this in my post What the Bachleor Wants. So…..

*** Hot Bartenders are the best girls to be friends with ***

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It’s no surprise that when you’re single, especially recently divorced, you will likely find yourself at a lot of happy hours.  Since you’re not likely to start going out to clubs at 45 years old, bar happy hours are where you’ll meet a ton of girls.


So as you spend time at your favorite bars, become friends with the hot female bartenders, but never ask them out.  Just friends because:

(1)  If your cool, she’ll introduce you to her hot friends. Bartenders all have hot friends, and they come to the bars to hang out.

(2) Your bartender friend will give you free drinks. You buy 4 drinks, you might pay for 1 (plus tip).

(3) You’ll never have to wait in line. If it’s Saturday night, and there’s a line outside the bar 50 yards long, telling the bouncer who your bartender friends are, will get you in without standing in line.

(4) If you go to happy hour alone, you’ll feel comfortable because you know everyone working in the bar. Then you can concentrate on picking up women.  This is another tip on how not to feel strange if you go out alone.  I mentioned the other tip (sports betting) for going out alone in Alone at the Bar


Also, don’t try to have sex with the hot bartenders because you’ve got almost no chance anyway – no matter how friendly they are. Why? because…

They’re getting hit on by every guy, everyday.

The hot bartenders are paid to be nice, and they know sex or the hope of sex sells.

Even if she gives you her number, just be friends.

Even if you run into her and her friends when they’re out on their nights off, as I mentioned in my post Thursday and Sunday Fun it’s better to be friends than to try and have sex with her.

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 16: For Pulse, hottest servers. Monica Alvarez pictured at Lavo on December 12, 2014. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post)

This will be the last time I’ll tell you to turn down sex, but understand the key to being happy as a bachelor it to have friends.

….. and bartenders are excellent friends.

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