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Sexy Girls In Scottsdale…Update

The best looking girls are still in Old Town Scottsdale.  Not only because the girls here are just good looking, the fact that they try so damn hard to be sexy makes the relatively small city of Scottsdale, Arizona the mecca for hot women. Is it because the hot ASU girls stay here after they’re done with school, I don’t know, but this place is amazing.  (If you don’t know about ASU girls… ask any guy)  

I’ve said all this before, if you’ve been on for even 30 seconds, you’ll know I’ve been promoting old town Scottsdale from the beginning.  Whether it was Jewel In The Desert  or Coming To The Superbowl or Spring Training, I’ve tried my best to get you to come see this.   

With the summer ending, the fall and winter convention season, and the hundreds of golf courses here, there is no better time than now to come to Scottsdale.  If you do, here’s a brief update of some of the new bars in old town.  These spots were incredible during the 110 degree heat this summer, so they surely will be this fall and winter.  

Newest suggestion…



If you’re over 30 this is the place for you on Friday or Saturday night.  In this bar you will see the best looking girls in Scottsdale over 25, and they are very easy to talk to.  

There’s always one bar in Scottsdale that caters to the over 30 crowd, and right now that bar is Dakota.  If you’re from Scottsdale, you might remember Barcelona in North Scottsdale, and for a while after Barcelona, Blue Martini in North Scottsdale. Dakota is now that go to spot for the over 30 crowd.

Given the older crowd, this is a great place to go if you’re with girls who are over 30.  Usually girls over 30 are worried about not fitting in with the Old Town Scottsdale scene, but they will fit right in at Dakota.  

Dakota is my new recommendation instead of Kelly’s and the W, they suck now.  

Also, kinda a good and bad thing about Dakota is the fact that it is in the middle of the old town bar scene.  The good is that it’s right next to Maya, so it gets some very hot girls in their 20s stopping by.  The bad is the hottest girls over 30 in Scottsdale do not come here because they think old town Scottsdale is only for young 21 year old girls. (it kinda is)

Dakota is free to get in, but drinks are pretty expensive, a Grey Goose and soda will cost you about $10.  As far as getting in, there’s usually a line around 11:30, but $40 to the guys at the door will get you right in. Also, Dakota is really the only bar in old town with a dress code these days. I’m not sure exactly what the rules are, but no ball caps and flip flops unless you’re best friends with the owner.

Overall, its a great place if you’re a single adult guy. 

The next big addition…



The district is new, and opened on Super bowl weekend.  It’s right between Maya and HI Fi, and Maya’s pool connects in the back. During the summer, the Maya/District dayclub was the best in Scottsdale.  Both in the day and night, The District has young typical Scottsdale girls all around 23 years old. Interestingly, at night this place is hit or miss, some nights you can’t move in here, and some nights it’s dead.  It’s not the quantity or quality of Bottled Blonde across the street, but it holds it’s own.  There was not a better place, with more hot girls than The District during this year’s NCAA college basketball tournament in March.  

Finally, as of September of 2015, El Hefe and Bottled Blonde are still the best bars in Old Town.



El Hefe is still going strong.  El Hefe has the stereotypical young ASU/Scottsdale girls.   

The great thing about El Hefe is if you want to be in a packed bar on a Wednesday night, yes Wednesday, this is the place to be. They call it the “Weekends starts Wednesday.” Just check out the hashtag #WeekendsStartWednesday and you’ll see what I mean.  Also, similar to the surprising craziness on Wednesdays, El Hefe is packed on Sunday nights.  Between Majerle’s next door, and El Hefe, every party girl in Scottsdale is at one of these two bars on Sunday nights. Ironically, there are better bars than El Hefe on Friday and Saturday nights, but you can’t beat it on Wednesday or Sunday. 



Every article on about Scottsdale promotes Bottle Blonde. Bottled Blonde gives you a mix of all the great things about old town Scottsdale, you have hot girls, and you can go in with flip flops and a ball cap, or a suit, and fit right in. Also, like most of the bars in old town these days, there’s no charge to get in.

So that’s the Fall update of Old Town Scottsdale, I’m sure there are other places that I’ve left out but if you’re out here for a convention or golfing vacation, this is where you must start.  Hell, even if you’re in LA or Vegas, the 45 minute flight to see Old Town Scottsdale on a Friday or Saturday night will be worth it. 

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