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The House Always Ties – In Craps

If you’re not married, you will not have to go on boring vacations.  As a bachelor, your vacation will likely be at an adult playground such as Las Vegas.  If you go to Vegas, you must know how to gamble.

I’ve mentioned before, if you count cards playing blackjack, you will win money.  However, if you don’t wanna go through the time and effort to learn how to play blackjack, there is another good gameCraps


There’s a bet in Craps where you and the casino have the same odds of winning – i.e. you tie. It’s called the:


The “odds bet” is a bet you place behind your original pass line bet.  For example, you place $10 on the pass line, and $20 behind it.


images3 the chips behind one another shows an odds bet

In the example above, the $20 odds bet is literally the only fair bet in the casino because if you win, it pays you what you are supposed to win.  Simply put, if the chances of rolling a “4” are 2 to 1, you are paid 2 to 1, or $40.

Absolutely every other game in the casino steals from you. The casinos make money by paying you less than what you’re supposed to earn.


The common illustration is this:  Say you decide to play a game of flipping a coin with your friend. You pay your friend $1 for every heads, he pays you $1 for every tails.  After 1000 flips, you both should have about $500.  However, in a casino, in this coin flipping game, the casino only pays you say 93 cents when you win, instead of a dollar. So after a thousand flips you have $465, not $500.

This is how casinos make money.

So the odds bet in craps is the second best game in the casino. (The best game is Blackjack if you count cards) 

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