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The Importance of TIMING

The best part of being a bachelor is the freedom to meet hot women whenever you want.  Obviously we have jobs, activities, friends, etc, however, part of our everyday lives is meeting women. As a result, if you’re gonna be a bachelor, you’ve gotta understand the most important concept in meeting women – TIMING.

Although nothing is absolute, you’ve gotta know when to approach women and when not to. It doesn’t matter what pick up lines you use, how you dress, whatever your confidence level is, if you try picking up girls at the wrong time, you will fail 99% of the time.  At best, you’ll get a fake number.

Wait, please ignore this if you are 1 of maybe 25 men on the planet, likely a good looking A list actor, or good looking professional athlete.  But for the rest of us, we have to pay attention to the timing of meeting women.  For example, you can approach girls when they’re likely in a good mood, and willing to talk to you.

asu10  When I was going to Arizona State University, the absolute best time to meet girls and have sex was after finals.  Everyone was out on Mill Avenue, and in great moods because finals were over.  So, it wasn’t hard to meet girls.  I’m not saying you literally had to wait for finals, just using this as a simple example of when girls are likely gonna talk to guys.

Ironically, girls may be willing to go home with you if they are not in a good mood but in a mood where they don’t care.  I remember going into a club with a girl friend and when we walked in, she literally said, “someone in here is gonna fuck me silly tonight.”  Why did she say this? Because it was Valentines day, and she didn’t have a boyfriend.  Her attitude was I don’t give a fuck.  I’m not suggesting it was simply Valentine’s day plus she was single that made her not give a fuck, but the fact that she went out to a bar (and not home crying and drinking wine) meant some lucky guy was getting fucked.

On the other hand, try introducing yourself to a girl in a Whole Foods parking lot when its a 115 degrees as she’s walking to her car.  Or, she’s in the middle of the grocery store with a crying kid in the basket.  You might get a number, or take her home, but I hope you can see the odds are not in your favor.  Talking to women is hard enough as it is, why make it harder.

1369381786_66831   Obviously you can’t control some situations. You don’t know if the girl you just said hi to, just got fired from her job, is sick with a cold, or just got done fighting with her mom, but you should pay attention.


Yes, I know if you don’t stop girls you can’t find out.  Yes, its a numbers game. Yes, you can’t get a hit if you don’t swing the bat. I get all that, I’m just saying pay attention to what’s going on, and you’ll increase your odds of picking up women.

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