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Why Escorts Should Accept Bitcoin

Escorts Should Use Bitcoin As a Merchant Account

Anyone in the adult or semi-adult content business knows how hard it is to keep a merchant account.

A merchant account is basically a bank that will process financial transactions. Think Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc.

Adult movie producers, porn stars, and escorts have all experienced problems with merchant accounts. For example, you get an account to accept credit cards for payment, and a few months later, it is closed down.

Because of these problems, even in the 21st Century, escorts still prefer cash.

But should they?


Escorts Should Accept Bitcoin For Payment

During the height of Covid-19 in April 2020, some businesses were not accepting cash. They were afraid coronavirus was on the bills.

Who knows whether any escorts adopted a no-cash policy also.

In fact, as stated inPornstar Escorts in April 2020 who knows how many escorts were accepting clients at all due to Covid 19.

Some probably did, and probably accepted cash, however, this was a great time to start thinking about another payment method.

Escorts should have accepted Bitcoin


What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency in existence. Bitcoin is a peer to peer money transfer system that does not use a bank or other centralized place.

It is cash for the internet.

And like cash, it can not be traced. Or a least not without a ton of effort. 

Bitcoin was mention years ago on this site inWhat is an Escort Agency, Directory, or Review Site explaining the way transactions were completed on the Dark Web.


Why Bitcoin Now?

Up until about a year ago, maybe two, it was difficult for escorts to accept Bitcoin.

The problem was that Bitcoin is extremely volatile. For example, if an escort accepted $500 in Bitcoin, 10 minutes later, her $500 could have been worth only $450. Or even a lot less.*

*It could also go up, but either way, it’s a gamble.

But now this has all changed. is the most popular legitimate place to get Bitcoin on the internet. is where you exchange your dollars for Bitcoin. 

Coinbase Exchange Review - Everything you need to know before starting made changes so that you can now go back and forth from dollars to Bitcoin, or Bitcoin to dollars quickly and easily. 

This is much different than it used to be because before, you could only move Bitcoin from Bitcoin to your bank account. That took time, sometimes days.

Now, you can move Bitcoin to a USD coin that acts as a dollar almost immediately.

The main thing is, your money is out of Bitcoin and not subject to volatility. 

This article is not about how to get or use Bitcoin. Instead, it is about the huge benefit it is for escorts and others in adult-related businesses.


Added Benefit of Bitcoin For Escorts

The first benefit of Bitcoin for escorts is they will have a secure merchant account.

The second benefit is that escorts will get more clients. They will get more clients because guys are always afraid of being discovered hiring an escort.

Most guys would never give an escort a credit card or debit card. Even cash apps like Veem or Venmo scare men because they must be set up with a bank account.

If they can pay in Bitcoin, there is no paper trail for their wife to find out.



Bitcoin solves problems for both escorts and guys who hire them. If Bitcoin becomes widely used by escorts then possibly something good as come out of Covid-19.


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