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Obviously, a great bachelor life is about getting laid.  So how do you get a lot of sex? – nice shoes? good looking? good lines?  NO!


Ok, all the above can help, but there’s no better way to meet women than to go out with girls who are your friends

Instead of always going out with your boys as wingmen, go out with your girl friends as “wingwomen.”

I don’t mean girls you’re trying to have sex with. I mean girls you fucked in the past and now you’re friends, co-workers, your friends’ wives, etc. 

Basically, anyone who will help you pick up other girls. 

Why does this work?  Basically, when chicks see you with other girls, they think your cool – sort of “preapproved.”

P.S. If you need help talking to girls, check out this article: Afraid To Talk To Women? Problem Solved!


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