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The Secret Benefit of a Fleshlight

The Benefit of a Fleshlight

Do you have problems

  • Getting and keeping an erection?
  • Getting and keeping an erection when using a condom?
  • Problems reaching orgasm? 

If you do, a Fleshlight will solve your problems.

This is the secret benefit of a Fleshlight. It’s common knowledge that a Fleshlight is a pleasurable male sex toy. It’s also known that using a Fleshlight will build up your stamina – and you’ll last longer in the bedroom.

But the secret is using a Fleshlight and not your hand will bring back sensitivity to your dick. After about 3 weeks, the sensitivity will come back, and you’ll be able to have sex just like you did when you were 18.

The replica of Nicole Aniston’s vagina may be fun, but using her Fleshlight can also solve your ED problems.

Many men lose sensitivity in their penis because they manually masturbate. There’s even a term for this – “The Death Grip Syndrom.” Basically, it means you hold your penis so tight when masturbating.

Because of this, you can’t orgasm any other way – even with a real girl.

Using a Fleshlight will solve this problem of erectile dysfunction.


The Benefit of Not Masturbating

You may have heard of the “No Fap” Movement in small corners of the internet. These men have consciously stopped masturbating. 

The No Fap community claims that there are many benefits to not masturbating.

While not high on their list of benefits, they say that sensitivity comes back to your dick after you stop masturbating. Not sure about the other benefits they claim, but on this one, they are right.  

If you stop manually masturbating for a while, you will get hard easier and ejaculate easier.

Note: This is why some escorts advise their clients to stop manually masturbating 3 days before their session.


Alternative to No Fap

No Fap is no way to live. Healthy men have always masturbated and always will.  

If you have joined the No Fap movement, good for you, but if you’re like the other 99.9% of all men in this world, listen up.

A Fleshlight is a great effective alternative to masturbating with your hand. Using a Fleshlight is the next best thing to not masturbating at all. The smooth texture of the sleeve and lubrication is 100x better than using your hand.


What is a Fleshlight?

What follows is not medical advice and should not be treated as such. I’m not a doctor, and this information is for informational purposes only ] 

A Fleshlight is a lifelike artificial vagina. It is made up of two things.

1. An outer hard cylinder casing that looks like an oversized flashlight.

2. A separate rubbery squishy item that goes into the casing.  This rubbery item is called a “sleeve.” This is the actual item that you put your penis in. The material feels exactly like being inside a girl.


Step-by-Step Guide How to Buy a Fleshlight

The best and easiest place to buy a Fleshlight is at (link)

The buying process?

Buying a Fleshlight is like buying anything else online.

Don’t worry about secrecy on your credit card statement because the purchase will only show up as “ILF” and the charged amount. Nothing indicates that is from

After you order it, you will get the usual confirmation emails.

These emails will be labeled “from” so you probably want to save the confirmation number and delete the actual emails. You don’t want your girlfriend or wife to see the email when you’re checking your emails one night. 

Also, just like anything else you buy online, you will get follow-up newsletters and review questionnaires. You can simply unsubscribe from the mailing list.



Secrecy is probably every guy’s number one concern when buying a Fleshlight.

Don’t worry, the fleshlight arrives in your mail or on your doorstep in a nondescript brown box about 12” x 8” x 8” (about the size of a shoebox).

The shipping label will say ILF, LLC. Nothing indicates that it is a sex toy from or anything else.

Unless it has changed since 2019, the box will look exactly like this:


After it arrives?

Inside the box, you will find a vacuum-sealed plastic bag containing the rubbery sleeve, the solid flashlight-looking casing, a small sample package of lubricant,*, and Fleshlight promotional materials.

*The sample lubricant will only last about 3 to 5 uses. You will have to purchase lubricant. One commonly used water-based lubricant is called Astroglide.

Also, there is a plastic rod inside the rubbery sleeve – OBVIOUSLY, TAKE IT OUT.

Take everything out, put the rubbery sleeve inside the hard plastic case. Use lubricant inside the rubber sleeve. (where your dick goes) 

Tip: You can adjust the end cap to make the Fleshlight tighter or looser. 

That’s it. You’re ready to use it. (link)

Benefits of the Actual Fleshlight

Safe to Your Skin. When used as directed, namely just use water-based lubricants, a Fleshlight will not damage your skin. 

Easy to clean. Cleaning is easy, simply run hot water through it for 5 minutes. The hard part is that you must let it dry completely before storing it. It’s best to let it air dry, but you can use a hairdryer.

Mobile. Fleshlights are small enough to take with you, however, they are actually bigger than you would think. They are about 12 inches big and the width of a big beer can.

Variety. The Stamina Training Unit is by far the most popular fleshlight because it is the most intense and feels the best.



If TLDR: You will be amazed at the vitality of your dick when you stop using your hand and start using a Fleshlight.

click here: Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit to get your own Fleshlight and bring your dick back to life.

You’ll kick yourself for not buying one of these sooner. 

Have fun!


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