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How To Approach Beautiful Girls

Unless you are very famous, getting one night stands or dates with random girls is a numbers game. It always has been, and always will be. If you approach enough girls, one will eventually go home with you or go out with you.

But to get there you must approach girls. Unfortunately, this is very difficult.

If you’re in your 20s or early 30s and don’t have the money to hire escorts or sugar date, you should definitely approach hot girls during the day and at night.

But the only way to consistently do this is with some help. That help is Phenibut.

Phenibut is a non-prescription psychoactive substance that makes you calm, relaxed, more talkative, and unafraid. Phenibut was written about in detail in the post How to Approach Girls During the Day



The reason why it was mentioned in How to Approach Girls During the Day was that at night you can have a few drinks of alcohol to mask your anxiety.

But most of you can’t go throughout your day drunk.

But you can take Phenibut during the day.


Why You Need Phenibut

Don’t let anyone tell you that approach anxiety is not real and you just need to “be brave” and push through it.   

Also, don’t let anyone tell you that you will not die if a girl rejects you.

Finally, don’t listen to anyone who says people are not watching you when you approach a hot girl.

All these things are true but they don’t matter, guys still get anxiety when approaching hot women. This is why most guys never meet girls outside of work, school, or friends.

If you think the above is wrong, just try it for yourself. Do this test:

Week #1: Spend a week trying to approach good looking girls with nothing but the mindset that you are not a pussy and nothing bad can happen, and see how many girls you talk to.

Week #2: Spend the next week trying to approach good looking girls after taking 500-1000 mg of Phenibut and see how many girls you talk to.

Guaranteed you’ll talk to more girls after using Phenibut.


How to get Phenibut

First: click here

Second: Copy the discount code. This code will get you 15% off the already super reasonable prices for Phenibut.

Third: click the “Take me to the store” link.

Fourth: Scroll down to the “Categories” portion of the page, and you will see “Phenibut” and click it. (And/Or, Phenibut will be in the “Calming” tab of the Liftmode site)

Fifth: Scroll down and pick a quantity. As said in How To Approach Girls During the Day, the 40 grams container will probably last you six months or more.

Sixth: Check the box “Check, if you have a gift card or discount code.” Paste the code that you copied in step #2

Seventh: Simply follow the normal checkout and don’t forget to use the discount code.

And that’s it! You are now well on your way to not being afraid to approach hot random girls.

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