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Secrets Guys Don’t Know

Secrets Guys Don’t Know

When you see guys at 3:45 am trying to take the worst looking girl out of the bar, you wonder why doesn’t he just hire a hot escort?

When your friends are looking for cheap Viagra online because they can’t get erections, you wonder why don’t they just stop using their hands for masturbation, and use a Fleshlight?

The answer is that they just don’t know.

Guys would be so much better off if they only knew some of the options that are out there. 



All guys should know how to hire an escort.

One scenario where this knowledge comes in handy is if you are headed to Las Vegas for three or four days with the goal of trying to hook up with girls.

If your goal is to hit the clubs and lounges to meet girls, there’s no better way to take the pressure off than hiring an escort when you first arrive in Vegas. 

There’s a saying in gambling that “scared money don’t make no money.” Or put another way, guys crumble under pressure.

If you meet up with an escort the first or second night you touch down in Vegas, you will be much more relaxed when you go out the following nights.  

Ironically, your relaxed state will demonstrate abundance and confidence and girls will be more attracted to you.  

If you have never hired an escort before, go here to learn how: How To Hire an Escort

Note: the book mentions The Erotic Review as the best review site. If you are in the US, you can only access using the TOR Browser or a VPN. If you don’t know what the TOR browser is, check out the previous post How To Access

But if you live outside the U.S., especially in Europe, you can access and hire some of the hottest pornstar escorts and regular escorts in the world.

In the end, the ability to hire an escort will help you when dealing with all girls. When a girl who’s a “7” says you’re just trying to sleep with her, you can just laugh and tell her she is wrong because you can meet up with a “10” anytime you want. 



Fleshlights were first discussed on this site back in 2015 in – Advice For 2016 Porn Convention. I wrote about discovering fleshlights during the 2013 porn convention.

It really is depressing that most men don’t know about this wonderful product. 

Yes, 13 million have been sold, but it is still a secret to most men.

If Fleshlights were more well known, they would put Viagra out of business because there would be no more need. 

If you ever get one, it will literally be the most useful product you’ve bought in the last few years. The only thing you’ll regret is not getting one sooner.

I suggest the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

It will feel incredible, and it will have great benefits too.

Are there downsides to a Fleshlight? Well, Fleshlights must air dry completely after every use. This can be a hassle. But other than that, there is literally no downside to this incredible product.

You will never go back to using your hand. Also, you will save the $20 per pill you spend on Viagra.


There is an alternative to a Fleshlight, and that is No Fap.

Just abstain from masturbation, and you will have no problems with erections.

Since that’s not realistic or even normal, a Fleshlight is the next best thing. Get yours below:

 Discreet shipping

Hiring an escort and buying a Fleshlight are two secrets that most guys don’t know about, but should. 


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Do you have problems getting and staying hard? This one pleasurable trick will solve your problems. Simply use a Fleshlight and not your hand when masturbating. A fleshlight is a smooth rubber-like sleeve that feels like a real vagina. It is not rough on your dick like your hand. After only two weeks, you will be able to get and keep an erection again.

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Have fun!

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