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Super Bowl LVII: Parties, Events, and Activities in Arizona

It’s that time again.

Every 5-10 years, the NFL has the Super Bowl in Arizona.

The Hottest Girls in America are in Scottsdale, Arizona

As said in the Jewel in the Desert article, one of the biggest secrets on the planet is that Scottsdale, Arizona has the hottest girls in the world. 

Specifically, Old Town Scottsdale.  On Super Bowl weekend, February 12, 2023, Scottsdale will be incredible – as always.

*Also, If you’re coming to Arizona for the Super bowl and you’re a single guy, you owe it to yourself to go to the WASTE MANAGEMENT PHOENIX OPEN on February 8 to 11, 2023. 

Here’s an old article on the Waste Management Open ( No Super Bowl Tickets? So What! ) during the day. It’s 80% party and 20% golf.


Where to Stay in Arizona for Super Bowl LVII

The Super Bowl is played at the Arizona Cardinals stadium in Glendale, Arizona. There’s nothing to do in Glendale if you’re a single guy. 

Your first choice of where to stay should be in Old Town Scottsdale. 

If you’re under 30, you will love the nightlife in Old Town. 

If you’re over 30, you might like North Scottsdale a little better. Unlike years past, there are a few more bars with hot women in North Scottsdale. 


The best hotel in Old Town Scottsdale is probably the W. It’s the perfect location for Scottsdale nightlife. All of the other bars in Old Town are a short walk away.



At the lounge here, you’ll find hot girls in their upper 20s and 30s.  The main bar area is upstairs and mainly outside. 




El hefe pic

El Hefe has been around for 15 or 20 years. It’s a basic bar, but the girls here are all hot and in their early 20s.  The dress is casual.




Bottled Blonde is a great bar. If you arrive anytime after 11:30 pm, expect a long line outside. 

*Note: As with any of these bars, if you hand the bouncers cash at the door, you can bypass the line ($60 is fine).




Hi Fi is another basic casual bar across the street from Bottled Blonde.  The girls are above average for Scottsdale and much hotter than anywhere else in the country. The crowd is mid-20s and up, and after 11:30, there’s often a long line.



Dierks Bently WHISKEY ROW

Whiskey Row is a country bar next door to Hi Fi.  It’s not really a country bar because you’ll hear all types of music and see all kinds of people. You’ll see super hot girls who like country music, but you’ll also see girls who look like pornstars in 4-inch heels.



Where to Stay in North Scottsdale, Arizona for Super Bowl LVII

The best hotel in North Scottsdale is the Westin Kierland Resort.

From there, you can walk to the Scottsdale Quarter and enjoy the best nightlife in North Scottsdale. 

The best bar for hot girls will be Culinary Dropout at the Scottsdale Quarter

This will be the most popular bar during Superbowl weekend and the week of the Waste Management Open. 



If you come to the Super Bowl, definitely check out Old Town Scottsdale and North Scottsdale.

You can check out Instagram and Tik Tok to see what the girls in Scottsdale look like, and what bars are hot.


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