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Attention Single Guys! How to Have a Fun Life

After 8 years of this site, we thought it would be a good idea to review some key points on

There’s useful information buried deep in this site if you’re a single guy.


#1 How to Meet Girls

Phenibut is a cheap supplement that will kill your nervousness when meeting girls.

It will take away your fear of approaching beautiful girls and fear of observers.

It is much more effective and practical than Adderall, kratom, or alcohol.

Here is a detailed article from a few years ago: How To Approach Hot girls

How To Approach beautiful girls

Try Phenibut here: Phenibut



#2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Talking to Random Girls

The advantage of cold Approach is that you feel like a masculine man, there is less competition because most guys are afraid, and you see the girl in real life and know what you are getting.

Unlike online, with all the filters, lighting, and camera angles, who knows what she really looks like in person.

The Disadvantage of cold Approach is that it is very hard for almost all guys (that’s why you use Phenibut), it’s not congruent to social norms like meeting girls in a bar or club, and it can be seen as needy. 

Rule: Meeting random girls in a coffee shop, mall, or casino is always better than paying an escort or sugar baby. 



#3 To Get More Dates Use not Tinder

If you do online dating, should be your only app.

The best thing about is that there are 4 girls for every 1 guy on the app. is the best way to consistently “date up.” 

See here:



#4 Meeting Girls in Bars

Bars and clubs are the best places to meet girls. But, with social media, you’re not only competing against the other guys in the bar, but also with the guys in her Instagram, Tinder, etc. 

The best wingmen? Go out with plutonic girlfriends. Being in a club with girls gives you status and social proof.



#5 Superbowl 2023

Superbowl LVII in 2023 will be in Arizona.

As usual, the Game is in Glendale, Arizona, but the parties will be in Old Town Scottsdale 25 miles away. 

If you go to the Superbowl, make sure you stay in Scottsdale. 

This was written about in 2014 here: Jewel in the Desert

Also, if you’re in Arizona for the Superbowl, check out the Waste Management Open around the same time. Talked about here: No Superbowl Tickets, So What!



#6 Bachelor Lifestyle

If you’re going to be a bachelor into your 30s, 40s, or 50s, you must:

go to the gym,

live in a cool part of town, and

don’t lie to girls by saying you want to marry them when you really only want friends with benefits.


Rule: Whatever you’re into, gym, girls, etc., DO IT IN MODERATION. If you don’t, you’ll eventually quit.

All the obsessed gym bros are fat now.

All the obsessed former PUAs quit or had mental breakdowns.

All the study-obsessed smart kids in high school never amounted to much.

Obsession is not sustainable. 


Don’t sleep with married women. A lot of murders are committed in a jealous rage.



#7 Visiting Vegas?

Tips for visiting Las Vegas if you want to hook up with girls.

Don’t visit on the weekends.

Don’t go on the weekends because there’s nothing but big bachelorette parties and groups of girls who will not leave with you.

During the week, single girls are in Vegas for work or conferences and are up for fun.

Make sure you stay in a strip hotel. Logistics are important.

Stay away from the annual Porn Convention in Vegas. It’s bad for single guys because there is nothing but guys in Las Vegas during porn convention week.

Wrote about it here: Porn Convention Irony



#8 Fleshlight

If you have any problems with erectile dysfunction, using a Fleshlight will bring sensitivity back to your penis. Manual masturbation takes away sensitivity. 

13 million men have purchased Fleshlights.

Get one here: Fleshlight



#9 Why You Should Use The Erotic Review

The danger of hiring an escort is that you could get robbed, or arrested, or the girl who shows up is uglier or not even the same girl in real life.

The Erotic Review solves all of these dangers because the escorts are reviewed by guys who have already seen them.

See The Erotic Review here: The Erotic Review



These are some of the useful concepts found on this site.


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