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4 Helpful Tips When Hiring an Escort

If you’re thinking about hiring a female escort for the first time, this entire blog is your resource. Everything you need to know can be found on this site. 

Here are few miscellaneous things that may not have been discussed in the past.

How are escorts dressed when they come to your hotel room or house?

Are you allowed to record your time with an escort or take their picture?

What does an escort mean when she says “get comfortable.”

What is “half and half?”

How Escorts Dress When They Show Up?

If you hire an escort off the internet, you don’t have to worry about what she is wearing as she walks up to your house or apartment. Most escorts come to your house dressed like they are dressed for work or going on a regular date. (Although, recently, I’ve had girls come to my house in yoga clothes)

I’ve never had a girl show up in high heels, a tiny skirt, and a shirt showing her big fake tits.

This is much different from the girls in a typical Las Vegas nightclub. A few weeks ago, I took a sexy 23-year-old out of TAO nightclub. I was definitely not paying much attention to what she was wearing. 

To make a long story short, the next morning I walked her back to her hotel and saw what she was wearing. She had on the smallest skirt, the lowest cut blouse, and sexiest heels you could image.  As we walked back to her hotel, everyone looked at us like she was paid for. Ironically, if I’d paid for her she would not have been dressed like that.

No escort has ever come to my house or hotel room dressed anything like that. 

Recording or Taking Pictures of Your Escort

You can not take pictures of your escort or record your session with her unless she gives you explicit permission.

My friends think this is crazy. They think if a girl is going to have sex with you, why would she care if you take her picture? Fair question, but that is not how it works.

I found this out the hard way. Early in my hobbying days, I thought the same way as my friends. When one girl got to my place, I took out my little Motorola flip phone and asked her if I could take her picture to show my friends.

She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “what are you doing?” I said taking her picture. She said “no.”

TIP: Some girls are ok with you taking their picture, or even recording her, but make absolutely sure she’s ok with it.

An Escort’s Price

Most of the time you know how much an escort charges by looking at her website.

However, if somehow you have a girl in your hotel room and a price has not been established, if she says “name a price”   SHE IS A COP!

Escorts will never tell you to name a price!

While I’m thinking about it, don’t ever negotiate an escort’s price. Her price is final.*

*Assuming you’ve hired her off the internet. 


Number of Girls

When you hire an escort, surprises are never good. Specifically, if you hire an escort to come to your hotel room and she shows up with a friend, it is not your lucky day. You are not getting two for the price of one. More likely you’re going to have your valuables stolen.

You should never find yourself in this position if you follow the steps stated in this blog many times. For example: 

(How To Hire an Escort  or Advice When Hiring An Escort)

But, if it does, tell the other girl to leave.  


Get Comfortable

You will be nervous the first time an escort shows up to your hotel room. Actually, you will probably be nervous the first 3 or 4 times. The last thing that will make you feel more comfortable is taking off all your clothes. 

But, when your escort goes to the bathroom and says “get comfortable” she wants you to take off your clothes.

TIP: Usually stripping down to your underwear and getting in bed is good enough.


Half and Half

Since you’ve hired her for her time, and not sex, you two consenting adults can figure out how your time is split up.

It’s been a long time since I’ve told a girl that I wanted “half and half” but some escorts may still want to know what you want.

Sometimes your escort will ask you if you want “half and half.” She’s asking if you want 30 minutes of a blowjob, and 30 minutes of sex.

Assuming you’ve hired a girl for an hour, it doesn’t really matter how you split up your time but if she asks you if you want “half and half,” that’s what she means.


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  1. Another great article, do you have a twitter account?
    You are doing a service by educating others.

    • The Bachelor // December 7, 2017 at 10:43 pm // Reply

      Thank you for the nice words. Not active on twitter, and I like TER too b/c I’ve been using the site for over 10 years without one problem.

  2. What site do you use now that Erotic Review is down? After reading your articles, not going to hire someone who has no reviews.

    • is still around but it is very limited. Good idea, because without reviews there are no guarantees.

  3. This article provides some excellent tips on hiring a female escort, Thanks to the author for this helpful post.

  4. Thank you honey. I will keep these things in mind when I will start my shift as an escort.

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