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How To Hire A Casino Girl

How to Hire a Casino Girl

In a classic example of do as I say, not as I do.  A few weeks ago I was at the MGM in Las Vegas, and was extremely surprised at the number of relatively good looking hookers wandering around the MGM. This was around 11:30 pm. on a boring Tuesday night. 


Now before I get too far into this:

If you want to hire an escort without worrying about getting arrested, use a review website. Period.

My advice is to use as your review website simply because it is the most popular on the internet, and has been around the longest. 

Yes, I know, in theory an undercover cop could set up a fake profile, but I’ve never heard of that.  Also, as I said in Getting Arrested For Hiring An Escort? Not likely cops are not worried about guys who hire girls off internet. They only care about pimps, and guys who try to hire underage girls.

Moreover, if you hire a girl off who has multiple reviews, it is not likely that there are 7 or 10 fake reviews about her.

Well, I didn’t follow my own advice a few weeks ago. 

Las vegas escort

Would you for $200?

I ended up at the MGM after a very successful few days counting cards in blackjack. So I decided to kill some time, and relax playing craps. Counting cards in blackjack takes concentration, craps does not.

(learn how to count cards in blackjack here – How To Count Cards In Blackjack Step by Step)

(Learn how to play craps generally here – The House always Ties)

Anyway, a decent looking chick walked by, and I told her to come over not knowing she was a hooker. I introduced myself and told her she was sexy. She said thanks, and the very next thing she said was, “are you staying here?”

Since that was her very first question, I knew she was a hooker.

I told her yes, and she said, “do you want to go have some fun?”

Normally, I would have said no thanks because (1) if I’m going to pay for play, I’ll go on to find a girl, and (2) most of the obvious hookers walking around Vegas casinos are not very good looking. But this chick was decent, (after all, I was the one who called her over)

I said how much? she said $200, so I said let’s go.


Again, I definitely do not recommend this because there are so many things that can go wrong! If you want to hire a girl, pay a bit more, and hire her off the internet.

But, with a pocket full of cash thanks to the blackjack tables at the Mirage, I decided to hire her for an hour.

But I wanted to calm my nerves a bit, so I wanted to make sure she at least wasn’t a cop. Instead of simply asking, “are you a cop?” I asked her if I could grab her ass. Of course she said yes. When we got in the elevator, I grabbed her tits. Not only did she want me to grab her, she said, “we’re gonna have some fun.”

Now grabbing a hooker’s tits and ass is very common. In fact, even if you hire an escort off the internet, and she comes to your hotel room, she might ask you to grab her tits, or ass. They want to make sure you’re not a cop.

This is actually similar to drug dealers making someone do drugs in front of them to prove they are not undercover cops.

Tip: If you’re wondering, almost no escort or hooker you hire for an hour will let you finger them, either before or during your session.

Anyway, we got up to my room, I hid all my valuables and everything went fine – thankfully!

I do not advise this. 

With that warning, if you want to know where most of the hookers are hanging out at in Las Vegas, as of Spring of 2016, you will find tons of girls at the MGM, New York New York, Aria, and Cosmopolitan.

Tip: Also, if you have to go to Vegas for a convention or something and you want to know which casinos the hookers hang out at, one popular website is: 

While nothing like, is more of an organic forum or messaging board. The only section I’m familiar with is the “Casino Girls” section. This section is simply a user generated forum page that guys share their observations of where they’ve seen the best and most hookers in various Vegas casinos. It is pretty accurate.

In this picture made Friday, May 8, 2009, Eva, left, and Dana, right (full names not given) pose inside the Artemis brothel in Berlin. Like so many other businesses, Europe's largest legalized prostitution industry is having to adapt to the economic downturn. In response, clubs and brothels are increasingly marketing themselves either as high-class, exclusive spas, or as bargain basements of delight. (AP Photo/Franka Bruns)

Good luck!

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