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Hiring an Escort Q&A

8 Common Questions When Hiring an Escort

Some of the questions on are very good. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions and answers.

Can you film your session with an escort?

This is a good question because you would think that girls, especially porn stars would not have any problem with you filming your time spent with her.

But this is wrong. You cannot film or take pictures during your session with an escort.

Sometimes, escorts and escort agencies will explicitly say that you are allowed to film or take pictures. If so, somewhere on their website, it will say something like “photo friendly” or “video friendly.”


Where Do Porn Stars See Clients?

Almost every pornstar who escorts has an agency doing their bookings. So they almost always have an incall somewhere. That incall is arranged by the agency and never at the porn star’s home or apartment.

Obviously, porn stars are not going to have you come to their personal residence since, after all, they are relatively famous and are worried about crazy fans.

Finally, pornstars will come to your 5 or 4-star hotel, but they will not come to your house.


Is LE likely to Monitor Agencies or Independents?

Agencies. If you are not careful and haven’t picked girls who have been reviewed, a LE sting is more likely to happen at an agency.  While this is more of a concern when going to “massage parlors,” it could still happen at an agency. 

Every so often you will hear about a bust of an agency, however, you never hear about LE staking out an individual escort. 

Also, LE will never follow an escort to your hotel room because they will not conduct a sting in an environment they can’t control. 


Does Social Media Make Reviews Less Important?

No, there are a lot of escorts on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and everything else you can think of. Social media is good because you can learn more details about them in addition to their website.*

*Social media is very good for following porn star escorts’ touring schedules.

But, social media does not show you reviews.

Social media does not solve the three major problems that a good review site solves.

1. Law Enforcement (LE). A hot escort on Twitter could be LE. But an escort with 10 reviews on is not.

2.  Robbery. An Instagram escort could have a pimp who could come rob you. If she has been reviewed that’s much less likely.

3.  Ugly. Most girls, including escorts, don’t look as good in real life as their pictures. If she is reviewed, guys will tell you if she looks the same or not.


Can I book a pornstar through

No, this site is a How-To Guide for beginners to safely hire an escort.

At this time, we do not promote individual escorts or escort agencies.

However, knowing how hard it is to find escorts who are willing to see “newbies,” or guys without recent references, in the future might promote escorts who specialize/willing to see newbies.


Must You Give Your full name and employment on

Depends. You must always give your full name when hiring an escort. In fact, every legitimate escort will ask you for your Id when you meet.

But, on Eros or anywhere else, you should only have to give your employment information the first time you hire an escort. Your second time, and times after, you will give your references.

But, remember, girls can make their own requirements, and ask for anything they want. If this happens, you can simply find another escort. 


What is is an escort directory similar to

It’s a very popular directory started by women with concern for the escorts in mind. Directories like this come and go, and we’ll have to see how long they last.

While new, shiny, and popular, it is still only a directory and not a review site. As mentioned in How To Hire an Escort (link) always start with a review site and work backwards. 


How long does it take for an Escort to Arrive

When you schedule your appointment, suggest a time to meet. Preferably a day in advance, but no sooner than two hours.

They are pros and usually show up on time, however, sometimes they are 15-20 minutes late.

Tip: If you are meeting an escort in a hotel, meet her at a hotel bar and walk her back up to your room. Often, the girls are at the bar waiting for you.


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5 Comments on Hiring an Escort Q&A

  1. Let's Be Honest // February 16, 2018 at 9:51 pm // Reply


    Have a quick question when booking an escort hope your expertise can help. Most escorts have time options and they state they prefer 90 min. I don’t have access to theerrotic review but what does that 90 min consist of?

    I’m personally a little bit inexperienced and have no idea how I would be able to have a 90 min session. Are you waiting for round 2 or what happens when you’re finished before your time is up. Would appreciate your help on the matter

    • The Bachelor // February 19, 2018 at 4:31 am // Reply

      If 90 min then the first 30 are likely chit chat, a glass of wine, etc. The session length has more to do with YMMV (your mileage may vary), but normally when you’re finished, she’s finished.

  2. How is hiring escorts different in countries where prostitution is legal?

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