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How To Approach Girls During the Day

If you’re a single guy and saw two hot young girls having lunch or dinner, could you do this:

Unless you’re extremely famous, you can’t. 

Despite what dating coaches and PUAs (pickup artists) say, you will never be able to… and that’s ok.

However, there is an absolute guaranteed way to come a lot closer to Juan Antonio than you ever thought possible.

Phenibut is your answer.


I first spoke about Phenibut way back in 2015 in Afraid to Talk to Women? Problem Solved.

What follows is not medical advice, and should not be treated as such. I’m not a doctor, and this information is simply my experience with Phenibut. does not expressly or implicitly warrant any of the information in this article.  If you have any questions, suffer from, or think you may suffer from a medical condition, consult your doctor.


What is Phenibut.

Phenibut is a legal substance that will stop you from being afraid to talk to hot girls.

The chemical name for Phenibut is “4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid.” According to the medical community, Phenibut is a psychoactive substance that makes you more calm and relaxed.

Phenibut works on the GABA-B receptors in much the same way as alcohol and benzodiazepines do. But, unlike benzodiazepines, Phenibut doesn’t make you lethargic.


Two Amazing Facts About Phenibut:

  1. It is very cheap. At a $20 to $40 supply will last you six months. 
  2. As of this writing, Phenibut does not require a prescription. 



What Phenibut looks like

Phenibut looks like this:

For convenience, you can also buy Phenibut in capsule form at

(note: If you use the code here, you will get 10% off your order)



How Phenibut Makes You Feel

Phenibut has a very interesting effect. Unlike alcohol, Adderall, or illegal drugs, Phenibut never really “hits” you. You don’t recognize the moment you start to feel it. Instead, after about 30 minutes to 2 hours, you simply find yourself more chatty and less reluctant to talk to people.

It’s not like you can’t stop talking, but rather you don’t hesitate to initiate conversation or engage in small talk with anyone.

And, you will feel like this for at least 6 hours and sometimes even longer. Phenibut has a very long “shelf-life.”



When it comes to the courage of talking to a hot girl at your local Whole Foods grocery store in the middle of the day, Phenibut is very very similar to Adderall.

However, the difference with Adderall is that after 20 minutes, you know you’ve taken Adderall and feel much different. Also, Adderall keeps you awake forever, whereas when you go to sleep after taking Phenibut, you will have some of the best sleep you’ve ever had. 


A lot of guys who like Phenibut also like Kratom, however, Kratom has a different effect. Kratom is taken to enhance mood and productivity. It does nothing as far as making you unafraid to talk to girls.

I’m not a fan of Kratom because it only gives me a headache, however, I know people swear by it and can’t live without it.

This bag of Kratom is probably 4 years old.




Madafinil is a smart drug. Originally meant to be a narcolepsy drug, it can be used for clearer thinking, quicker and better decisions, and generally makes you sharper.

While great for getting work done, Madafinil doesn’t take away your anxiety when talking to random hot women.



When it comes to having the courage to approach a hot girl you don’t know, Phenibut is comparable to alcohol. But the biggest difference is that on Phenibut you don’t feel dizzy, buzzed, etc., as you do with alcohol.

And practically speaking, you can’t go out drunk smelling like alcohol during the day.


What Phenibut Makes You do

Phenibut will make you unafraid to talk to hot women. If you are afraid to approach random women at all, Phenibut will help you. Also, if you only approach random hot women when the situation is absolutely perfect, Phenibut will give you the courage to approach girls when the situation is not perfect.

In addition to approaching girls, Phenibut will take away your fear when speaking in public, talking at parties, and even being more social at family gatherings.



How Much to Take

In Afraid to Talk to Women? Problem SolvedI mentioned the smaller dose I take, the more effective Phenibut is for me.

There is a variety of opinions on the internet on how much to take. Some say take as little as 300 milligrams per serving once per day, and some say take as much as 500 milligrams per serving 5 times per day. 

Every time I’ve taken 1500+ milligrams in a day, I’ve felt sick, dizzy, and ended up falling asleep about 6 hours after the first intake. 

On the other hand, I always feel great after taking only 500 milligrams in a day. I’ve approached more girls in awkward situations on only 500 milligrams than anything else.

The bottom line: Test it out for yourself. Use trial and error to find your sweet spot.

If you’re lucking and you only need 500 milligrams per day, your supply of Phenibut will last you a long time.



How To Take

If you buy Phenibut in crystals or powder form from you will get a scooper.


So, you must mix the crystals or powder with something. You can take it with water, but it tastes terrible. I suggest mixing it with Cranberry Juice. 




The worst thing about Phenibut is that you can’t take it every day because you will build up a tolerance. Phenibut should never be used more than three times per week and you should take breaks in between for four to five days.

No Alcohol

The second worst thing about Phenibut is that you should not drink alcohol when using Phenibut. Phenibut makes the effect of alcohol much greater.

So on Fridays, and Saturdays when you want to go party and drink with your friends, you must be careful if you’ve taken Phenibut during the day.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The most common withdrawal symptoms if you take too much Phenibut, and then quit, you could feel symptoms such as depression, headaches, lethargy, and nausea.



If you use Phenibut responsibly, it will be the best substance you’ve ever used in your life. 

Talking to drunk girls at 1:00 am in a club is easy because you have alcohol to mask your anxiety. 

But with Phenibut you can mask your anxiety and talk to girls during the day. 

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