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Why You Should Use an Escort Review Site

Why You Should Use an Escort Review Site

There have been hundreds of guys who have hired an escort by going through, and the in the last year or so. Especially for you guys who had never hired an escort before, I truly hope this site helped you.

The great news is that I’ve not heard of one complaint from guys who have gone to that site. Not to mention, I myself, have been going through for about 10 years, and I’ve never had a bad experience with an escort.* The old adage, if it’s not broke don’t fix it applies here. 

(*I’ve definitely had a few bad experiences when I ignored my own advice and hired girls off of, (Why Take a Chance With and casino girls walking around the Bellagio and Wynn in Las Vegas.)

I think I wrote somewhere in a past post that the escort review site is one of the greatest inventions of all time, right up there with the wheel, printing press, the airplane, and the internet. 

The Problem with Review Sites

With that said, the biggest problem with or any other review site is that there’s a ton of super hot, super cool escorts out there who are not on review sites, or if they are, they haven’t been reviewed. 

If you follow my advice, then you and I are missing out. But, I send all of you guys to review sites because this is the best way to stay out of trouble. 

Advice for Providers

I don’t understand why all escorts are not on at least one review site. All escorts who want to make money should ask to be reviewed on Then they should advertise that on their websites and in all their ads. There’s a small badge or banner that they can easily place on their website. For example:

how to hire an escort

I don’t know how escorts get most of their clients, but I would suggest they get reviewed. 

Other Review Sites besides TER

I’ve mentioned in  How To Hire A Casino Girl that the only other review site that I regularly visit is usasexguide.infoThis site is not exactly a review site, but rather a forum that guys write their unfiltered opinions about all things dealing with hiring an escort. I have never hired an escort through, but I normally look at the information regarding the Las Vegas casino girls. Also, you will find a lot of guys commenting on girls. Another good thing about is that it’s been around for a long time. You can always determine how good a review site is by how long it’s been around.

Recently, I came across another escort review site called TNABoard.comI’ve never used it, but it has been around awhile too.*

(*If you’re a provider familiar with, please leave a comment with your thoughts on it.)

Not sure if it’s been mentioned on this site, but it’s probably obvious by now – instead of going to a review site first, you can also be safe if you see the TER badge on an escort’s personal website. Then you can check the review site and see what her reviews are. 

This would also apply if you came across a girl’s advertisement somewhere and she says she’s been reviewed. For example any “classifieds” websites, such as or a similar site, there’s usually a link to her personal website – assuming she has one. Then on her personal site, you can see if she has been reviewed.

What to Look For

As a reminder, you’re looking for girls who have about 5-10 reviews. I’ve never heard of any fake profiles on, but I assume it’s possible. But, if the girl has had 5-10 reviews it’s very unlikely the reviews are fake. For example:

escort pornstar

Also if she has a handful of reviews you should see different opinions on different aspects of the girl. For example, somebody may comment that the escort looks the same in person as in her pictures, whereas, another reviewer may mention something completely different. If the girl only has one or two reviews you may not get the whole picture.

I’m sure experienced hobbyist who come across use different review sites besides If you know of others, I’d be happy to look into them. But in the meantime, you can’t go wrong with TER.

As always, the information on this site is for beginners.


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11 Comments on Why You Should Use an Escort Review Site

  1. saleawaybaseball // May 3, 2017 at 9:07 am // Reply

    what are your overall thoughts on agencies? i believe you made mention that they are ok, just would love to hear some thoughts about the pros and cons.

    • The Bachelor // May 5, 2017 at 12:26 am // Reply

      Same – my problem with agencies is they’re more expensive and somewhat strict on screening and time.

  2. Escorts always set up fake accounts and write reviews on themselves and scathing reviews on rival ladies.
    Former employers and jilted lovers aswell as obsessed clients take to review sites.
    Overall it’s a sad reflection on a society who has the time, feels the need and ultimately to have the hide to kiss and tell. Sex is a natural act and not everybody clicks. A client may have a mind blowing experience while another doesn’t in the same scenario. Clients who write reviews are not the market I want to attract. I prefer a higher integrated class.

    • The Bachelor // November 3, 2017 at 2:18 pm // Reply

      Thank you for the comment, this site is for beginners and reviews help calm their nerves. Your comment is surely a concern which is why we suggest only contacting girls with at least 6 or more reviews to minimize the risk of fake reviews.

  3. EECIE is a review site popular in the South and the Erotic Monkey has reviews posted from all over. Most reviews are stolen from TER however.

  4. Great share for people in the US. I’ve been an escort for a long time in Belgium. We have just one major site where you can review escorts and that’s hookers. Some escort directories though give you the change to review escorts on them as well. Good luck :)!

  5. Been very annoying since TER had to shut down in U.S., it only makes things more unsafe for both parties! Hypocritical law makers, you know most of them hire escorts too! Anyone find any good alternative sites?

  6. Definitely not great advice since ter will not allow certain girls to be reviewed. Fyi girl have sex for reviews and as an ex agency i wrote plenty of fake reviews on ter eccie, erotic monkey, escort babylon, usasexguide and every other site. Girls are smart they learned long time ago to self review. Both sides can lie. Maybe you had a bad experience and another guy didn’t. I have went to restaurants with great reviews and had a horrible experience. I have had clients walk away from an escort and she reviews him as the police or worse. Just like there are plenty of guys giving bad reviews because they can’t get another appointment after doung something wrong.I hate that men act like they’re the only ones taking a risk. These girls know nothing about you for the most part you can do more damage than she can. Fyi working girls have businesses, husbsnds, homes and kids too. It’s a risky situation that men seek out but the females are demonized. Like they are breaking into homes sucking guys off against their will. Most guys don’t even want to answer five questions about themselves but expect a run down on a girl. Most men are have unprotected relationship with these females but the choosing and begging. So logically she can take your life but you’re worried about your wide and job? That’s hard to believe honestly.

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