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Why Take a Chance With

It’s unbelievable that guys still hire escorts off of This is the absolute worst place to find an escort because there are so many frauds, and unknowns. 

If you don’t know about it is a website that has free classified ads. As far as hiring escorts, backpage took over from as the place to find escorts. Before, had “Adult” sections, and an “Escort” section where escorts advertised. does not allow escorts to advertise anymore. I think they stopped stopped running escort advertisements back in 2010. 

I’m not sure, because I stopped going on to hire escorts the minute I discovered in 2007.

I have never hired an escort off of backpage, and I don’t plan to. But, since I’m writing the only “How To” book to hire an escort that I know of, I wanted to make sure you had current information. For all I knew, could have went through a big change, and all the old risks were gone. 

So recently I checked to see if it was still as bad as I remembered. In short, yes. 

In Chapter 5 of my book, titled “Learn The Details of The Girl,” I explained why review sites are so important because sometimes girls use inaccurate pictures. I give the extreme example of when escorts use pictures of girls that are not even them. That’s what I saw 10 years ago on craigslist, and 5 years ago on backpage, but sure as shit, just this month, here is what I saw:


backpage torid copy

This ad was on backpage on February 10, posted by “Lacey.”

Most guys know that the picture of “Lacey” is really pornstar Tori Black.

Although probably more so a few years ago, Tori Black is a very famous pornstar. According to her website (NSFW) she started in the porn business in 2007.

Unless Tori Black changed her name, or is using the name Lacey, and lives in Vegas, this is not the real Tori Black. More likely, this is a girl who stole her picture off the internet. This example of clear fraud is one of the many reasons why you should not try to hire escorts off of


Also, reviewing reminded me of another subject I write about in my upcoming book – YMMV. In Chapter 7, “When She is on Her Way, or you are on Your Way to Her,” I write about YMMV, which stands for Your Mileage May Vary. 

This means if your escort is attracted to you, you will have a better time than if she’s not.

Based on 10 years of experience, I believe that 100%. I even wrote about this is one of my very first blog posts nearly 2 years ago in “Help! My Escort Won’t Leave!   

Some guys (mostly guys who have never hired an escort) say it doesn’t matter what you look like, or if you shower, shave, etc, the only thing that matters is if you have cash. Not true!

download (1)2


To prove my point, look at this ad:

black backpage copy


I don’t mean to say backpage escorts represent all escorts, because they surely don’t, but this ad literally shows an African-American escort saying “No Black Men Under 30.”

This illustrates that all girls, including escorts, have preferences, and it’s not only about cash. 

So when you hire your own escort, especially for the first time, prepare yourself so the girl is attracted to you, or at least not repulsed by you. 

I say in my book, if you only pay attention to one thing I’ve ever said about hiring escorts, pay attention to how you prepare yourself. Frankly, with my advice, it is easy to hire an escort and not get arrested, or have anyone find out, or not get robbed, etc. What’s hard, is tilting the odds in your favor so your escort enjoys being with you, and doesn’t just lay there.   

So this recent review of confirmed everything I write about in my book. In the end, with and other big review websites, why take any chances with random girls on 


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