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Getting Arrested For Hiring An Escort… Not Likely.

If you follow the advice in my upcoming book How To Hire An Escort, A Step By Step Guide To Hiring An Escort For The First Time, you will never have to worry about getting arrested for hiring an escort.

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It is no secret, simply hire an escort that has been reviewed by a big popular escort review website. I’m only aware of but there may be others out there that are just as big and as popular. 

But some of my friends are engineers and lawyers, and they ask a lot of questions. My friends are also big worriers.  

As they read and review drafts of my book, they keep asking me, “yes, I know you’re only paying for time, and not sex, but what is the real law?” 

I figure if they are asking this, you might be wondering the same thing. 

So let’s take a look at a few states and their laws as it relates to escorts. Obviously, there is not a lot of law on hiring girls off the internet since escorts have only been advertising on the internet for about 10 or 15 years.   

But before looking at the law, remember, guys who hire adult female escorts are at the very bottom of the list of concerns for police. Police are concerned mostly with pimps. A California court (People v. Soul) said “It is the promoter who makes prostitution a going business; therefore, his activity is usually punished more severely than prostitution itself.” A lot of court cases are about police setting up a pimp for many weeks then arresting him in a sting after gathering tons of evidence.   

California, Las Vegas, and New York

The law in California, Las Vegas, and New York, are all basically the same – it is illegal to exchange money for sex. (Note, hiring an escort, or participating in prostitution in general is legal in Nevada, but not legal in Clark County, which is Las Vegas)

In all these states, prostitution is a misdemeanor. You don’t need to know the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony, just know that nobody ever does jail time for a misdemeanor – just pay fines. 


The law in California is simply, “prostitution includes any lewd act between persons for money or other consideration.”

This is why you never discuss sex for money when talking to an escort. You are only paying for time. 


The law in Nevada is simply, “prostitution means engaging in sexual conduct for a fee” 

New York

The law in New York is “a person is guilty of prostitution if they agree to, engage in or offer to exchange sexual favors for a fee.”


So again, it is not illegal to pay for time with a hot girl, but it is illegal to pay for sex. 

A New York case explains this best. There is a case in New York where a guy who ran a sex club was charged with prostitution. Basically, the guy charged people to come in the club, and there would be people around having sex and trading partners, etc. The State said the owner was engaged in prostitution because he was taking money from people at the door.

A judge said no! A judge said he was innocent of prostitution because the money was not directly tied to sex. Basically, nothing was guaranteed when people paid at the door.

The same applies to escorts on the internet. You are only paying for time with a girl and nothing is guaranteed. This is why any legit escort ad will not say anything about sex. Or put another way, if you ever see an ad that says “$100 for the fuck of your lifetime” this is not a legit ad and could be a set up. 

My upcoming book is a step-by-step guide on how to hire girls off the INTERNET. 

Things are much different and riskier if you go to massage parlors, or meet escorts on a casino floor. I only mention this because March Madness is right around the corner. And, similar to the problem of Las Vegas during the porn convention that I talked about in Porn Convention Irony  the only people in Las Vegas that first Thursday through Sunday of March Madness are guys and hookers.

Finally, I saw some guy on the other day who did all the right things by going to the same exact escort review website that I’m familiar with,, finding a girl he liked who had been reviewed, hired her, and had a great time. Now, he was asking what are the risks of getting a girl who is not reviewed because he found some hot girl with no reviews. I commented on his reddit and said why take the chance. 

If you go through a good escort review website, there is almost no chance that you will get arrested for hiring an escort.








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