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How To Get a Reference For An Escort

How To Get a Reference For an Escort

There are three ways to get a reference if you have never hired an escort before.

1.  You can hire an escort who specifically accepts “newbies.”

2.  You can get a referral from a friend.

3.  You can register with a third-party screening service.


What’s a Reference?

A reference is an escort who you’ve seen in the past who will vouch for you.

The first time you start looking into hiring an escort, you’ll certainly notice that 99% of the escorts require a reference. In fact, these days, many escorts require two references. Also, a lot of escorts will require that your reference is within the last six months. In other words, she requires that you have seen another escort in the last six months. 

Obviously, this is a catch-22 if this is the first time you’ve attempted to hire an escort; how do you get a reference if you need a reference for your first escort?

Tip: if you’re wondering – the escort you contact will definitely contact your references. This is not like applying for a job and putting fake references on a resume. 

So here are three ways for you to get your first escort.


“Newbies Accepted”

Some escorts advertise on their website or in their directory listings that they accept “newbies.” “Newbies” is the common term for guys who have never hired an escort before. 

Here’s an example of what you may find on an escort’s website.


In the above example, this escort’s “normal screening process” is probably asking you for your personal information. She will ask for your name, phone number, and employer information.

You may not like these personal questions but remember, you will only be required to give this information once. After hiring your first escort, your second one will only need to call your first escort and that’s it.

And, don’t worry, professional escorts will not disclose your personal information because they are paid for confidentiality. 

If you don’t want to provide this sensitive information you can try and call someone else.

HOWEVER, if an escort doesn’t demand some sort of verification from you, she’s probably LE (law enforcement).

You may not see a lot of girls advertising as accepting newbies, so you may have to lower your standards a bit. Don’t worry about it if she’s not as hot as you were hoping for, you just want a reference.

Similar to your first job, you just want to get your foot in the door.


Personal Reference

As I’ve said before, everyone hires escorts. Your doctor, lawyer, politician, church member, police officer, all of them have hired escorts.

Chances are that you probably have a friend who’s hired an escort in the past. For your first escort, simply ask your friend who he sees, and hire her. Again, she may not be your first choice but you will get a reference.

Or, you may get lucky and the girl your friend recommends may be hotter than any girl you could find on your own online.


Screening Service

During your search to hire an escort, you may come across advertisements for screening services companies. I’ve only seen them around in the last 10 years or so, but they may have been around longer. 

Screening services are basically third-party companies that do the escort’s screening for her.

Instead of the escort spending time screening every guy, these companies do it for her.

This is a great way for you to get your first reference.

Here’s how a screening service works:

Basically, you sign up for the company and supply them your personal information and pay the fee. You will be asked for your name, phone number, and work information.

If all your information checks out and they are assured that you are who you say you are, you will be approved.

After that, an escort can check with the screening service and see that you have been approved, and see you.

While each individual girl has the right to ask you for additional information, it is very rare that she will. Most likely she will simply ask you for ID when you meet her.

If you don’t remember what screening is, go here – How To Hire An Escort – Screening

The most popular screening service is however, there are others.

If you would like to sign up for you can do so here (link)

Just like escorts advertising that they are reviewed on, it’s smart for them to advertise that they are a part of a screening service. For example:

Daphne Kane


Final Tip: While I know you will be very nervous the first time you contact an escort, just remember, the escort is just as nervous when dealing with a first time caller. 

A review site like calm your nerves, references calm escorts’ nerves.  


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4 Comments on How To Get a Reference For An Escort

  1. With the legal changes in Apr-18 the erotic review isn’t really an option for the US anymore. Any recommendations for an alternative?

  2. P411 also stopped accepting new clients a while back. You say there are other options, but don’t name any. Have any recommendations?

    • Try one of these options (1) a girl who accept newbies (2) use a Vegas casino girl for your first one to get a reference or (3) get a rec from a friend.

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