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How To Hire Escorts, How to Talk To Girls, It’s All here!

How To Hire Escorts, How to Talk To Girls, It’s All here!

Below is a list of the most beneficial Bachelor Life Inc. articles since July 7, 2014.

When a site has been around for 5 years, some of the most helpful articles get tucked deep inside the site and don’t see the light of day. 

Below are 24 of the most beneficial articles on this site.


I.  Porn Star Escort Fantasy Land


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Hiring a Pornstar Escort

This article explains how surprisingly cheap it is to hire well-known porn stars as escorts.


Porn Stars Who Escort

The cities with the most porn star escorts. Alerts that escort prices started to rise. 


Porn Stars Who Escort in 2018

The benefits of hiring a porn star escort, and the end of


Book A Pornstar Escort

Porn Stars who were advertising on in June 2017.



II.  What is and How To Use It

How to Get Girls With

What is and 7 benefits of using it.



How to Date Young College Girls if You’re Older 

All guys want to date young girls but as you get older, it’s much harder. 


At Last a Dating Site That Works

Why is great and a step-by-step guide to signing up for free.



III.  Eliminate Dry Spells – How To Hire Escorts

How to Hire an Escort

The first clear and concise step-by-step guide on the internet that helps beginners hire their first escort. This post is the basis for the book: How To Hire an Escort


Advice When Hiring An Escort

Additional tips for beginners when hiring escorts.


How To Hire An Escort – Screening

An explanation of what “screening” is and why it’s important for both you and your escort.


How to Get a Reference for an Escort

Every legitimate escort requires at least one recent reference. But if it’s your first time, you don’t have a reference. This article gives you three ways to get your first reference.


Getting Arrested For Hiring an Escort… Not Likely

When you hire an escort, you are paying for time and not sex.

This article goes into the actual law regarding prostitution in a few states.


Help! My Escort Won’t Leave – YMMV

Your time with an escort will be better if she likes you. Yes, you’re paying for a service, but that service varies a lot.



VI.  The Unmarried Lifestyle

How to Approach Girls During the Day

(The most beneficial article on this entire site)

Phenibut is a wonder supplement. Phenibut erases your fear of approaching attractive girls. It is easy to talk to girls late at night in a bar when you’re drunk, but you can’t be drunk during the day. 

Get 15% off Phenibut at Liftmode – Here (Calm tab)


Afraid to Talk to Women? Problem Solved!

Proof that Phenibut works. A same day sex example that only started because of Phenibut.


Porn Convention Irony

If you want to pick up easy girls in Las Vegas, the annual porn convention week is not the week to do it. 


It’s Not Personal, Well It Is, But You Know What I Mean

Even more so today with the smartphone, it’s easier to get a one night stand than getting a girl out on a first date. Girls change their minds fast, you must strike when the iron is hot.


Everything In Moderation!

(Most controversial article)

The best way to ruin your interest or hobby is to obsess over it. Obsession if why ripped gym guys get fat, dogmatic pick-up artists become married betas or find religion, and Bitcoin preachers vanish.

If you want something to last, do it in moderation.


The Secret Benefit of a Fleshlight

A fleshlight is a male sex toy. The known benefit of using a Fleshlight is that it will make you last longer in bed. That’s why the Stamina Training Unit is the best seller. However, if you have erectile dysfunction, a Fleshlight will help with that too. 

Enjoy Angela White – Here


How to hire a Ukrainian Escort

The hottest girls in the world are in the former Soviet Country of Ukraine. If you go there and want to have sex with a hot girl, this article and pamphlet will guide you.

How To Hire an Escort in Kiev, Ukraine is a step by step guide all the way from getting off the plane, to hiring an escort, to when she leaves your hotel room.   


A Solo Trip to Las Vegas – Traveling Alone

A sample 24 hour itinerary for doing Las Vegas solo. 


Jewel in the Desert – Scottsdale Bar Scene

If you’re wondering which city has the best looking girls in America, look no further than Scottsdale, Arizona. 


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