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How To Hire An Escort – Screening

Just about every guy with money has hired an escort in the past. But we all remember the stomach turning feeling of nervousness the first time. Not only was dialing the girl’s number, or sending her an email bad enough, but once she answered the phone, she started asking a bunch of personal questions.

These questions are what is known as “Screening.”

Screening is the process of an escort, or escort agency verifying who you are. They are trying to may sure you are not a cop, or a person known for violence towards women.

Ironically, as nervous as you are to call an escort service the first time, they are even more afraid of you – the first time caller.

A few weeks ago, I came across this tweet from

100proof - screen shot copy


This tweet is an example of escorts and escort agencies being worried about first time unknown callers. As traditional, this agency wants you to provide a reference (an escort you saw in the past who can vouch for you). In fact, this company even wants your past reference to be reviewed. This is a second layer of protection for the escort service.

(As I’ve said for years, using an review site is the safest way to hire an escort) see How To Hire an Escort.


So what can you expect the first time you call an escort or escort agency?

At a minimum, when you are a first time caller, you’re going to have to give them your true name and age.  Often you will have to provide employment information such as in the above tweet.

You must answer these questions truthfully.

You may not feel comfortable providing such information —I know I didn’t—but you must give them this information.

Again, if you’ve followed my advice, and used a reputable review site such as  and your girl or agency has been well reviewed by real guys, you can be very confident that your personal information will be kept private. Big agencies that have been around for a while, and girls that are well reviewed, are professionals – they make their living by keeping secrets.

(Rich guys, CEOs, Politicians, and other famous people have a ton of options when it comes to random women, but these guys constantly use escorts because they keep secrets)

FYI: Even if you don’t call an agency, but rather an escort who is “independent,” you will still be screened. 

FYI: If you’re calling an agency, instead of an independent, the screener will likely be checking internet background sites such as or to verify you are who you say you are. 

Tip: If you’re self-employed or can give out your business website to the screener, this will save a lot of questions, and make your screening process go very smoothly.

Learn from my mistake: The first time I tried to hire an escort was a complete failure because I was so nervous. I called and the girl asked me my age and my real name. I did not want to give out my personal information because I was worried about people finding out that I called an escort service. I didn’t know anything about screening. So, I never hired the girl from Eventually, I found an independent escort through, met her, and then had a reference.

Warning: If you have never called an escort, and don’t have a reference, if the girl or agency does not ask you a bunch of questions (“screen you”) that is when you should be very worried. If the girls are not worried about screening you, then they may be cops or it may be a bait-and-switch situation, or some other type of rip-off.

Tip: Some girls explicitly state on their website that they cater to first-time callers, (“newbies”) in other words, they know you don’t have a reference. Here’s an example:

newbies copy

As long as you go through a good review site and see that guys have reviewed the escort, this is a good way to get your first reference.

Tip: You really only have to worry about screening the first time you call a girl or agency because after your first time, you will have a reference. After your first time, you can use your first girl to vouch for you for your second girl, the second for the third, and so on.

During screening, you will only be asked for your reference’s name and number.

Tip: Make sure you only use recent escorts as your references, preferably, someone you saw within the last 2 months, 6 months at the latest – your references must remember you when the agency calls.



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