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No More Escorts, Back to Basics

There used to be an old Smith Barney commercial where an old guy said “good investment don’t just walk up and bite you on the bottom,” then it later says “Smith Barney, they make money the old fashion way,… they earn it.


When you get girls to spend time with you without paying, YOU EARN IT.

But picking up random girls is hard.

Even if you are the best pickup artist in the world, you still hook up with about 1 out of ever 30 girls you talk to.

Worse than the absolute numbers, most of the best pickup artists are getting very average looking girls.

Meeting random girls is a numbers game and a slog. Working in a coal mine seems easier.

This is why has suggested guys hire well-reviewed escorts.

There are many benefits to hiring an escort. To name a few, first, you can spend time with an absolute “10” like the models you see on your Instagram feed. Second, you can hook up with a girl and not worry about her demanding marriage the following morning. Third, with the advent of the internet, getting an escort to your door is as easy as ordering a pizza.

Review Sites Gone

(Update 2020! The Erotic Review is available again!)

Recently, (to U.S. users) and shut down their websites. On these sites, guys could review girls just like you do on This was the only way to safely hire escorts. 

With very few exceptions* does not, and has never, advised guys to hire escorts who have not been sufficiently reviewed.

The exceptions are (1) you can hire a famous pornstar as stated in Hiring a Pornstar Escort or (2) if you have a friend who has already seen a girl, he can vouch for her.

Without reviews, you can not be sure she’s not a cop, uglier and older than her pic, or if she has a terrible attitude. 

Since there are no more reviews (for US citizens) we are going to have to get girls the old fashion way: Cold Approach Pickup.


Cold Approach Pickup

You probably have heard this term, but if you haven’t, it’s basically a term for picking up girls you don’t know during the day or night.

In cold approach, unlike the other 99% of guys in the world, you are not meeting girls through work, school, internet, or friends setting you up.

A few Benefits of Cold Approach:

1 – Know what you’re getting. When you meet a girl in public, she is standing right there in front of you. You can see what she looks like, how she acts, and everything else you see in a face to face meeting. Meeting a girl off Tinder is extremely hit or miss.

2 – You feel Like a Man. There is no better feeling than to meet a girl at a coffee shop and have her in your bed that same night. It’s not because of the girl, but rather it’s because you have created this encounter out of literally nothing. You didn’t get help from your friends, you didn’t see her every day at work or school, nothing, you did it all by yourself.

3 – Less Competition. If you ever have seen a hot girl’s Tinder or Instagram, you will know that she gets 200 matches and notifications to your 1. (even if you’re a good-looking guy).

The reason, and why I said you should use Phenibut in How To Approach Girls During the Day is because most guys are afraid to talk to girls in public, but are not afraid to swipe right on Tinder.

So if you talk to girls during the day or even night, you will have a much better chance at standing out. Some girls may even be turned on by your confidence. 


A few Problems With Cold Approach:

1 – Approaching is not natural. Not many men can walk up to a girl sitting at lunch and introduce himself. If you have Phenibut, alcohol, drugs, or you talk to 10 girls a day for 3 months it might get easier, but it is never natural.

2 – Approaching girls is low value. There’s a catch 22 in cold approach pickup and that is it takes guts to approach a random girl on the one hand, but the mere fact that you’re walking up to the girl means she “controls the frame” on the other. Dating coaches illogically say you should tease girls or “qualify them.” Terrible advice because you walked up to her.

3 – Bars and Clubs are the best. Bars and Clubs are the best places to meet random girls. Period. Girls go out to meet guys, therefore they are preselected. It’s just a matter of whether they like you or not. This is the opposite of meeting girls in the day.

But the problem is that you might think you’re too old to go to clubs, or you just don’t like the club or bar scene.

If you feel this way, you are missing out on the best places to meet girls. 


Trust me, I wish hiring escorts was still safe and you could just spend $300 to $1,000 and spend time with a smoking hot girl, but things have changed. Now you will somehow have to meet random girls. 

But as stated in Pornstar Pro or Random, it’s better to get non-professionals anyway.


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