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Pornstars, Escorts, and Bachelor Life

Below are some of the most helpful posts on this site. Some are over 3 years old, and some are recent.

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How To Hire an Escort

If you have never hired an escort before, in this article you learn everything you need know. In about 1000 words, this article teaches you step-by-step how to safely hire a female escort.

Before reading this article you probably didn’t know what “screening” was, or how to properly exchange her “donation” in a hotel room.

After reading this article you do.


Hiring A Pornstar Escort

Girls always complain that pornography gives men an unrealistic image of them. But the secret you learn in this article is that many porn stars can be hired as escorts. Pornstar escorts take away the fantasy of pornagraphy.

Some well-known porn stars can be hired for as little as $600 per hour.  The reason is that porn stars do not make the kind of money that they used to in movies.


Advice When Hiring An Escort

This article came out a few months after How To Hire an Escort came out because of reader feedback.

While everyone liked the article, professional escorts and some guys complained that (TER) is not the only site to find escorts. Professional escorts also explained that it can be difficult to get listed on TER.

This article explains why we recommend, and also gives some practical tips. For example, if you are concerned that your escort might be a cop, ask to grab her ass to be reassured.


Advice For the 2016 Porn Convention

This article was sort of a follow up to the Porn Convention Irony article. Both of these articles are cautionary tales. Basically, if you think that going to the AVN Porn Convention is fun, it’s not.

This article discusses the popular male sex toy Fleshlights. Fleshlights are like hiring escorts – all guys have one, but nobody talks about it.

Most guys have the Stamina Training Unit (STU).

Or if you want to be with your favorite porn star, there are some girls too.

Finally, a fleshlight will solve one big problem adult men have. That is unlike hand masturbation, fleshlights will not make you lose sensitivity, and you’ll be able to get and stay hard with girls.


Book a Pornstar Escort

The article Hiring a Pornstar Escort focused on how inexpensive it is to hire a pornstar as an escort. The how to Book a Pornstar Escort article is about the popularity of the pornstars you can hire.

It’s one thing to be able to hire a pornstar from the 90s like Keisha, but you may be surprised to know that you can hire Nicolette Shea who is brand new to the business. (Cost you $2,000.00 per hour)


Thursday and Sunday Fun – Bars During The Week

Whether you’re 21, or 41, this article will help you increase your chances of hooking up with girls when you go out.

The point is, go when there is less competition. Yes, bars and clubs are packed on Friday and Saturday nights, but usually, they are packed with guys.

So go out on a different night of the week. Yes, there will be fewer girls out, but fewer guys too, and it’s 10x easier to take a girl home.


Pornstar Pro or Random

If you follow the advice on this blog, you can have your choice of being with a hot pornstar like Natalia Starr for an hour, or meeting a random 28-year-old with average looks in a Vegas club. The question is which is better?

We argue a random average girl is better because, even a hot pornstar actress will be more mechanical and less passionate than a girl you just met 2 hours ago.


The #1 Reason To Hire an Escort

In this article, you learn that having the chance at sex with a girl hotter than any girl you’ve ever been with is the best reason to hire an escort. In his bookThink Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life President Donald Trump talks about how hot some of the girls were that he was hooking up with. He knew it was because he was rich and famous.

But any guy with a bit of cash can get the same quality of girls.

Two other reasons normal guys should hire escorts are:

(1) To stop a long drought. All single guys go through periods with no sex.

(2) To save yourself from getting turned down by dozens of girls. The pickup artist guys say getting girls is a numbers game and they’re probably right, however, why bother if you can easily and safely hire an escort for her time.



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