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Where to Meet an Escort – Incall or Outcall

Meet Your Female Escort – Incall or Outcall?

Should your escort come to your location, or you go to her’s?

One thing you can count on in Las Vegas for the opening weekend of the college basketball tournament known as March Madness is a bunch of guys in Las Vegas, and a bunch of working girls.

This year was no different, although there were tons of girls for hire in every casino this year, I was able to convince my friends to use the if they wanted to “pay for play.” 

One of my friends had never hired a girl off the internet (besides the risky, and while he should have known, he didn’t know what “Incall” and “Outcall” meant. 

To give him a quick explanation, I sent him to my old post How to hire an escort

Incall = You go to the girl’s location.

Outcall – The girl comes to you.

Both incall and outcall have their advantages and disadvantages. There’s probably more good things about incall, but outcall has the one best reason. 

Outcall Advantages

You have 00000.1% chance of getting caught in a law enforcement sting. 

Cops do not do stings at any location that they can’t control. While law enforcement is never a concern if you go through a reputable review website, if there is ever a problem, it will only be when you go to the girl’s place. 

This is the reason why if it is your first time hiring an escort, you should have the girl come to your hotel room. You will be nervous enough, you don’t need to also worry about being arrested.  

Tip: Even if you live in the same city, instead of having an escort come to your home or apartment, get a nice hotel around the corner. 

Another great thing about outcall, is that you are likely more relaxed. There’s nothing worse than going to some girl’s seedy apartment thinking you’re going to get robbed. I’ve never thought I’d get robbed, but I have been in places where 5 or 6 guys in their 50s were sitting on couches waiting for their turn. The scene was very strange.

Advantages of Incall

So, while not having to worry about getting arrested is the best reason for doing outcall, incall does have many advantages. And if you’ve hired a girl off, with multiple reviews, going to the escort’s location will not be a problem. 

Probably the best thing about going to an escort’s incall location is that you can have complete secrecy. Since most of the guys who hire escorts are married, going to the escort’s incall is obviously better than having her come to your house. Even if you’re not married, and/or you have your own hotel room, you probably don’t want to worry about hiding all your valuables such as jewelry, gambling winnings, etc.

Another reason to go to the escort’s incall is if she doesn’t have a lot of experience, she may be more relaxed at her own incall. As I said in Pornstar or Random, the problem with hiring an escort is that it doesn’t matter whether you hire a real pornstar, or even a great actress, the time you spend with any escort is still kind of artificial. To have the best time with your escort, and the most fun, at a minimum she must be relaxed.

This is kind of a catch 22 because you will be most relax at your own place, and the escort will be most relaxed at her place. But, she’s the professional so she should be fine coming to your hotel room.

Finally, some girls work for agencies, and some are independent. If the girl you hire is working for an agency, it’s usually cheaper if you go to her incall. It’s cheaper because the agency doesn’t have to pay for her travel, her security, or a driver. 

As you can see, there are some advantages to incall, but outcall at your hotel room is probably the best place to meet your escort.

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7 Comments on Where to Meet an Escort – Incall or Outcall

  1. Manuel Terroso // May 2, 2016 at 9:08 am // Reply

    It is a good question and have to be a most correct decision by the escort and the customer. neither the customer or the escort must impose restrictions to the place because they have to be in similar thinking to be a best encounter. Read here other tips that could help to get out with a lady to a best meeting ever. Have fun 🙂

  2. I read your book and blog both. Thanks for nice blog and book. Still i have few question. I already verify with agency. How safe is to hire escort from agency? Is it possible LE can track agency girl or they can keep eyes on hotel room number if they found something.
    Second question: After i hire escort agency girl and enter in hotel room finish all formality with escort and LE knock on the door can they bust us.
    LE keeps checking reputed escort agency’s? Let me know…


    • The Bachelor // August 12, 2016 at 2:00 am // Reply

      Thanks for the comment. If you read my post “Getting Arrest, not likely” I go over some of this. But to be safe, just make sure any escort you hire has been reviewed 5-10 times. This is the only way to be sure you’re not dealing with an agency or a girl being tracked by LE. Second, LE can’t knock on the door and bust you, unless they know there is money exchanged for sex. It would be hard for LE to prove that if they’re not in the room. Finally, I don’t know if LE is checking agencies, but if you’ve picked a girl who has been reviewed a bunch,LE is probably not checking the agency.
      Bottom line: There are probably good agencies out there, but unless their girls are reviewed on I stay away.

  3. How long does it usually take a escort to get to your location?

    • The Bachelor // August 6, 2017 at 4:21 am // Reply

      Tell her what time you want to see her and find out if she’s available – No sooner than 2 hours, but the following day is the best.

  4. wouldn’t you be more worried of being robbed at your own place as you have all your stuff and when you go to the bathroom she can snoop around?

    • The Bachelor // July 11, 2019 at 9:06 pm // Reply

      Good comment and that’s a fair point. But just like escorts screen you, you have to screen them. Look for reviews, look for long-standing reputable agencies, etc. Don’t hire girls off the street. Or, get a hotel in your city.

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